Getting Back on Track After Homecoming

The 168 hours of Homecoming are officially over. This means the partying, excessive drinking, no classes and having no care in the world is over. Homecoming is the only week during fall semester that allows students to be solely focused on fun for 168 hours, even though classes are still in session. It is not an easy transition to go from partying everyday to getting back on track with school and life in general. Here are five tips to help you snap your life back after a fun-filled homecoming week!

1.Detox your body

Detoxing your body can be done in a plethora of ways. You can make detox water. Cut up lemon, cucumber and mint leaves and put it inside a water bottle. Drink it for a few days in a row. In addition to curating your own detox water, there are detox teas sold in stores that are sure to erase those toxins from your body. Eating tons of veggies can also naturally detox your body, and it is one of the best ways. There's nothing like a good detox to clean the toxins out your body after a liver-killing week.

2.Reevaluate your class duties and catch up on any missed work

It is easy to fall off of class work during homecoming week. How are you going to reevaluate your priorities? Check your blackboard and check your planner and complete everything you missed. Don’t let homecoming ruin your GPA. A week of being “lit” isn’t worth letting your GPA slip away.

3.Have a day to gather thoughts

Spend a day in your dorm or in your apartment and reflect on what you have to do to regain the focus you may have lost. It is extremely hard, but having a peaceful day that you dedicate to regaining focus can really help. This day can consist of mapping out your next couple of days: documenting missed work, cooking healthy foods to cleanse your body - anything that gets your mind back into the swing of your everyday lifestyle.

4.Write a plan for meals/ snacks for the week

We all know during homecoming that salads, lean meats and healthy snacks are the last on your list. Now that homecoming is over, it is time to add these back into your list of needs. Writing out a list of meals and snacks and the pre-planning process allows you guidance after a rough week and can help you stay on track. Homecoming junk food runs after partying all night definitely shows up in post-homecoming outfits, do yourself a favor and plan your healthy necessities to be ale to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the remainder of the semester.

5. Hit the gym

Stress from missing class assignments and the alcohol belly is slowly creeping up. Do yourself a favor and pay the gym a visit. Working out releases endorphins. This can help reduce your stress level and make regaining your focus a lot easier. Take a break and hit the gym. Run a few miles on the treadmill or do a few booty-lifting squats. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you burn a sweat, it serves as a great homecoming recovery.

Claim it! A great bounce back from homecoming, it is certainly a fun time, but remember why we are here in the first place. Get those GPA’s up and get those bodies right!