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Gearing Up For Sweater Weather: Places To Shop

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Fall is approaching, which means it’s time to switch gears. Time to exchange your tank tops and sandals for sweaters and boots. Are you ready? If you’re not quite ready yet, its okay. If you’re not exactly sure where to go to get ready, that’s also okay. Here’s three places that are guaranteed to get you ready for the fall weather!

Fashion Nova

This one really goes without saying. First of all, Fashion Nova can get you ready for any weather and any event, but we’re talking about fall right now. Fashion Nova has really cute sweaters that actually will still keep you warm. Another great thing about Fashion Nova is that you can put together whole outfits and you won’t even have to pay the regular price because there is always a sale. The only thing that might be a downside for some people is that most people do shop there so you’re likely to see someone with the same clothes as you. Either way, you’ll be cute.


Okay, just because Kohl’s might be your mom or your grandma’s favorite store, does not mean they don’t have anything for you. When looking for sweaters or shirts , I will say you will probably have to really look only because they have many different styles. I think the fact that Kohl’s has so many hidden gems makes it a great place to shop because you are less likely to see anyone with those clothes on. Kohl’s is another place where you can put together entire outfits. They have everything you’ll need for your fall wardrobe, from the boots, the jeans, the flannel, the sweaters, to the jackets. If you’re able to, I would definitely suggest shopping at the physical store.


Venus is a store you’ve probably never heard of, and that’s part of the beauty of it. Venus has a lot of clothes that are different and clothes that are common looking with a unique touch to it. One thing that’s really great about Venus is that it shows all of the items that the model is wearing with the piece that you’re looking at. They have a pretty diverse selection of sweaters, jackets, and boots. The only thing some people might not like about Venus is that some of their items are on the pricier side. There are a lot clothes that are worth the price, though.

These stores are sure to gear you up for the fall look you’re going for. Happy fall shopping!

Kierstyn Chambers is a first year English Education Major, from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys helping people and making the people around her happy. She plans to become a teacher and try to help low income school systems. She also loves movies and poetry.