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Freshman Cutie Alert: Hampton Man Crush Damion Gilmore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

This weeks Hampton Man Crush is Damion Gilmore, he is a Freshman Strategic Communication major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He plans to hopefully become on broadcaster for a television station and also work in the performing arts and theater industry. Damien is currently a broadcaster for WHOV TV and he also is barber and is already building up his clientele here on campus.


 Damion is one of the sweetest people that some of you ladies will meet and without a doubt a charmer. Did we forget to mention that he could sing too?



 HC: What color describes your personality?

HMC I have two I choose red and blue, red because at times hot-tempered depending on the situations however, blue is the calm side and as I got older I learned how to balance out the side. When I’m red I’m like loud and then blue is when I’m chilling.


HC: What do you find most attractive about a woman?

HMC: Her independence she doesn’t need the approval of anyone else to know who she is, and her hygiene she has to like to look good for herself not just for me. Just keeping your self up.


HC: Do you prefer eyebrows on fleek or hair on fleek?

HMC: Hair on fleek, because it’s the biggest presentation people are going to notice your hair before your hair before they notice your eyebrows. I’m more of a natural man. I don’t feel as though girls need to do so much with make up and eyebrows don’t really matter.


HC: What do you want to do with your life?

HMC: I plan on opening up barbershops then putting apartments over them I want to start a clothing line too. It’s a lot of multiple businesses that I want to work on; I just want to focus on being successful.


HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

HMC: Nia Long, most definitely.


HC: What’s something that you’ve tried but never want to try again?

HMC: Wasabi, I had it once while on a cruise and my mouth went through a lot of changes it was terrible.


HC: What do you think is your best feature?

HMC: I would say it’s my personality and my smile because my grandmother loves my smile and I’ve also grown to love my own personality. I’m talented and I have a way with words I’ve been told, and I like doing good to people because good will come to me.


HC: What’s something that people would never know about you?

HMC: I’m quiet I appear to be loud but naturally I’m quiet. I like to be behind the scenes and watch. 


HC: What’s your ideal relationship?

HMC: One where the both of us can understand that arguments will happen, both one of us are perfect, and that communication is key. Basically you have to have a friendship before you dive into a relationship. If you have a friendship first you can understand each other.


HC: What’s your relationship status?

HMC: I am single.



HC: What’s your biggest turn off?

HMC: A girl that is forever wants to be seen by everybody, there is a time and a place for everything and I feel like you don’t have to be seen by everybody to get attention.


HC: What’s your guilty pleasure?

HMC: I enjoy listening to various types of music.


HC: Is cutting hair a hobby or a hustle?

HMC:  At first it was a hobby for my I tried it out on my grandmother’s foster kid and it came out good then I started to master it. Then by the 9th grade I had my own clientele. Then I started to make money off of cutting hair and I was able to provide for myself instead of having to rely on my parents.


HC: Do you have a type?

HMC: I like a woman who knows how to carry herself; you can be the prettiest female with a nasty attitude. Good personality, good hygiene, and someone who can keep their hair up. (Laughs) 


Ayo Sutherland is from Los Angeles California and she is currently a Sophomore Strategic Communications major, marketing minor at Hampton Univerisity. She enjoys doing water activities, loves listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Her main goal is to become a publicist and be know as the Olivia Pope of the Rap and Hip Hop industry and to be the best leader and role model to everyone. Her motto is, "Always remember that you are a not a yellow Starburst your a PINK ONE!" 
Socorro Kenoly is a senior, Strategic Communication major in Hampton University's Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. Socorro is a proud Hamptonian hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.