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Five Style Tips for Your Everyday Virtual Hangout Needs

As we approach our nearly seventh month of social distancing, I am sure many of us have begun to question whether our lives will ever return back to “normal”. While we have had to adjust to online classes, substitute our usual summer girl trips with virtual excursions, and celebrate birthdays from afar, in some ways, personal style has had to undergo some changes as well. 


Getting dressed at the start of each morning used to allow me the chance to begin my days with a source of inspiration and creativity. Now, getting dressed has become less about stunting in my brand new statement pieces, and more centered around comfortability. By now, most of us have probably cycled through the same leggings, hoodies, sweatpants, and comfy garments, yearning for the days we can enjoy outside again. 


It is no secret that getting dressed looks and feels a lot differently now, but one thing remains the same: Putting on a new set of clothes in the morning serves as a clean slate to start each day. Sure, our “new normal” for classes, birthdays, and vacations have shifted, but does that really mean our style should suffer in the process? Getting dressed from home is all about finding the balance between comfortable and chic. Sweatpants are still the champions of quarantine wear, but almost nothing beats a stylish top, cool jewelry, and some light makeup to complete your at-home look. 


Finding the perfect quarantine look for your everyday virtual hangout needs will likely consist of a long battle of trial and error, but it doesn’t have to! Styling your at-home looks for almost any occasion just may be easier than you think. 


The Quarantine Happy Hour 

Now that working-from-home has surfaced as most people’s new career normal, the occasional quarantine happy hour is a must for that much-needed break time. If you can’t go to the bar with your colleagues after a long day’s work, bring the bar to you! The perfect look for a virtual happy hour can be as easy as a sleek button-down cardigan, paired with your favorite comfortable fit-and-flare pants. If you’re really looking to make a statement, try pairing your cardigan with some cute hair accessories like a bold hair scarf or scrunchie. For this look, a little light makeup with a soft nude lip will be the perfect touch to bring it all together. 

The Virtual Business Meeting

Social distancing hasn’t put an end to those business meetings, and what better way to tackle business than by doing it in style? Whether it’s an interview, team meeting, or virtual class presentation, you can still feel good about what you bring to the table in the perfect outfit. When discussing business, it is important to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible for the sake of a good performance, so this look is all about what’s on top and less about the bottom. Almost any of your favorite sweatpants will do the trick, but make sure you’ve paired them with a cute button-down blouse layered with your best-oversized blazer on top. The key to this look to exude your personal style while still abiding by company norms, and minimal jewelry with a touch of makeup will be just the touches you need to show anyone who’s boss!

The Online Class

Now that all classes are online, it can be super easy to take classes from bed in pajamas. Although, online classes shouldn’t completely put an end to all of the fun of getting ready! For sure, there is a way to find an outfit that marries the comfortability of taking classes from home and the uniqueness of your own personal style. If you’re looking for the right stylish outfit for online classes, try throwing on a trendy two-piece athleisure wear set. Matching two-piece sets are always the perfect style statement, even for online classes. For that extra layer of comfortability, you can even pair your set with your favorite pair of fuzzy socks!  

The Girls Night “In” Virtual Birthday Celebration

Months of social distancing has definitely brought a whole new meaning to a girls night “in”. But, quarantine should never stop a fun virtual birthday gathering with your best gals! Getting dressed up for a fun night with friends is usually the highlight of anyone’s day, and that shouldn’t stop because of quarantine. Virtual hangouts with friends are always the perfect opportunity to flaunt your stuff! I mean, who better to get all dolled-up for than your best friends? If you’re looking for the perfect style idea for a virtual night in with the girls, take a risk with a sleek form-fitting midi dress and some cute accessories. What I love most about midis, is that they are usually the perfect balance between polished and comfy. If you’re really looking to show out for your girls, don’t be afraid to throw on a full face of makeup and a bold lip too! 

The Romantic Zoom Date

Just because Covid-19 has most of us home-bound doesn’t mean that your love life can’t flourish! Since the quarantine, hosting a romantic Zoom date has become more popular than ever. The key to any virtual date look is to find the perfect balance between flirty and fun, and cute and casual. For this occasion, you can’t go wrong with pairing a cute puffy-sleeved top with your most comfortable pair of sweats. If you’re feeling extra sexy, pop on a bold lip and some statement jewelry to tie your look together. 

Prince George's County, Maryland native, Oshae Moore, is a senior business administration major at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. As a former Apple TV+ and slated Ralph Lauren Corporation intern, Oshae has a knack for the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.
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