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Finding Balance: The Importance of Mind, Body, and Soul

As we evolve through this journey of life, becoming aware of every part of ourselves becomes vital in personal growth and further development in who we are. I think understanding our identity comes in so many different forms, moreover growing to appreciate every aspect that we possess whether it be positive or negative is essential. Through my quest in understanding more about myself, I also grasped the importance of truly getting to know and love your sole being, and authentically giving that love and appreciation to yourself every day. Becoming aware of the power of our mind, body and soul is perhaps the most important tool when embarking on the experience of life. 

With this knowledge, we begin to appreciate ourselves in a deeper perspective and are able to indulge in the beauties of life in a more appreciative manner. This all starts with looking within yourself, seeking to understand who you really are. Need help?  Here's how I maintain prioritizing my inner peace and connecting my mind, body, and soul in the most authentic ways I can. A recurrent saying remains present as I continue to learn more about this idea:

“Be Patient & Proud of Your Progress”

~ Mind ~ Our mind is the basis and home to all thoughts and decisions which we use to create our reality. For this reason, taking care of our minds is perhaps the most important aspect of finding balance and inner peace. You can only do this once you become aware of your thinking habits and mentality pertaining to the experiences you go through in life. The idea of freeing one's mind emphasizes the practices in which you shift your perspective with every experience you encounter. Looking at situations more positively by showing gratitude and acceptance. In my opinion, this way of thinking can often be difficult but it’s so vital.

Mastering The Art of Detachment eloquently allows one to withdraw from all of the mental barriers that prohibit us from understanding ourselves deeper and here's why:

The Art of Detachment is the practice of withdrawing desire from meaningless things which drain our energy. Detachment can be described as the process of letting go of anything that holds you back; like toxic relationships, draining people, anxiety, etc, by simply not allowing those situations to hold power over you. Mastering this concept means you are relinquishing any feelings of fear, uncertainty, stress, or doubt, and instead embracing each experience as they exist to benefit you and your growth. 

Healthy Detachment can look like:

  1. Setting Boundaries
  2. Remove yourself from unproductivity and hurtful arguments
  3. Not reacting but rather responding
  4. Feel and release your emotions; don’t suppress them
  5. Practice patience and prioritize that feeling of relief and peace

~Body~ Our bodies are our sanctuaries and it's essential to make sure we are nourished and healthy in order to fully be able to connect with other aspects of our existence. Aside from working out and eating healthy, mediation and yoga are key. These two practices help one connect with the mind, body and soul all at once. Yoga and meditation help with mental and physical strength, it relaxes the mind and improves mental clarity and stability. Indulging in activities that help you stay present and happy should always be prioritized when finding balance. For me, that is yoga, meditation, listening to music, and journaling. 

~Soul~ At the core, our soul exists beyond our physical creation. Deeply understanding the basis of our soul is a journey that can be referred to as a spiritual awakening, where realizations, change in perception, and inner peace are often discovered. When tapping into your soul, one is becoming aware of their higher selves otherwise known as your authentic being. This experience all stems from the want to understand ourselves in more depth. Becoming so in tune with the depths of your soul, allows you to explore gratitude in many forms, so much that nothing can disturb your inner peace.

Releasing Your Ego Self will also help you explore your mind and soul further. So what does this mean? Your ego is often the source behind anxieties that stop you from engaging in future projections. It holds the stresses of the past and future or things we simply cannot control. Our egos thrive on separating us from the present moment and from people who share the moment with us. The ego-mind tends to always have more negative thoughts attached to it, and that's why it's so important to release it. Here are some ways to start:

  1. Express gratitude
  2. Surrender the need/anxiety to control the outcomes of life 
  3. Practice and forgiveness

Finding Balance is….

Finding the balance within life and within ourselves looks different for everyone. For me, it's understanding what peace and joy mean to me and indulging in anything that keeps those feelings present in my life. It's also taking the time to understand myself, like spending genuine time with myself and spending time in nature. This has helped me make my peace of mind a priority behind all of my actions and embrace my flaws through acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I encourage you all to look inward and see what finding balance really means to you. <3

Zoe Rose

Hampton U '25

Hi everyone I am a first year Journalism major with an emphasis on English & Creative Writing from New Jersey. When I'm not writing I love listening to music, spending time with friends, and doing yoga <3
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