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Fall Fashion Doesn’t Only Have to Be All Sweaters and Boots: Top 10 Essentials to Add to Your Closet Now

As the fall season approaches, it means swapping out the same old denim shorts and crop tops for those fuzzy socks next to a warm fireplace. However, it’s so easy to fall into the old habits – thinking that wearing the dingy, old scratchy, dust-covered sweaters is going to suffice. But really, this transition is one of my favorite opportunities out of the year to try something new and reinvent myself. With the renewing and ever-changing fashion cycle, there are lots of essentials that need to be added to your closet that can not only stay in your closet for a while but also up your look all year long.

Calf Length Faux Leather Boots

Now I know what you’re gonna say: “boots are so overdone, it literally says it in the title!” Hear me out; yes, I do believe that boots in the fall have been a little overdone. But there’s always a way to revamp and make it look more high-end. This is where the calf-length boot comes in. They are such an easy fix to the same Chelsea bootie that we see every year. These are something that ties together more outfits in your closet, especially if you wanna break out that mini skirt and sweater – creating a cleaner and high-fashion look that doesn’t need to break the bank because it’s available at almost any store online. And even comes in a ton of colors and styles, or my favorite, the faux crocodile skin texture.

Trench Coats

So, if you asked me a couple of months ago about my thoughts about the trench coats, I would immediately think about those little jokes you see in movies when two kids sneak in, covering themselves in a trench coat. But now, even though I still think it’s hilarious, I still think a trench coat is somewhat of a lost clothing item. It is something so classic that it gets forgotten about. The shape of trench coats is so universal that they can flatter every body type while keeping you warm on those rainy days. On top of that… think about the layering! Trench coats are something that layered on top of any turtleneck and are paired with a matching shoe. It is like any other accessory that can make the outfit just that much better!

Sweater Vests

Now, this is a bit more experimental because the first thing you think of is the argyle pattern that reminds you of that old dusty sweater of your dad’s. But really, sweater vests are something that comes in all different colors and styles. There are even styles that can be ankle length to where it can be used as another layer over jeans – being used for warmth and adding different forms of fashion you may not be used to.

Oversized Blazer

This is one of those baby steps you can make to get outside your comfort zone – taking something that natural and an everyday item that has a twist to it. Wearing a blazer like this gives a cleaner look to the outfit to make it sleek and put together. It is also something that can be very affordable to anyone. Just go to your closest Goodwill or thrift store in the men’s sector, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Blazers will give you the confidence to dominate at your next meeting and immediately take over the world. As cheesy as it may sound, this is an item for a #girlboss who is ready to kick some ass and take names.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts have to be one of my newest obsessions. Maxi skirts are so versatile that be style up to a more formal date-night look or dressed down to everyday wear. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. This is something that can be great for those who don’t know where to start on their journey to upgrade their style – making the right step into growing as you get older, wanting to throw out any tacky mini skirts and moving into a more mature style. Whether you want to pair it with sneakers and a leather jacket or heels and blouse, you will not be disappointed with this addition.

Straight Leg Jeans

Nobody loves skinny jeans more than me, but once I started wearing straight-leg jeans, I couldn’t go back. Now, this may depend on a person’s body type and may take a few tries. But when you finally find the perfect pair, you’ll never want to take them off. Believe me when I tell you, when I found my perfect pair, I found the same one in two more colors. In straight-leg jeans, they can give you the elongated leg illusion to make you look taller and feel more secure because, unlike skinny jeans, straight legs are usually made out of a thicker cotton or denim material. Hugging you in all the right places and tight to make it feel almost like a built-in waist trainer. Besides, they also have a larger ankle opening, so it does look awkward if you wear sneakers or heels. They make them look better and worth the wear to more occasions. Although it may take a while to understand sizing and how they look, I can assure you; you are gonna want to throw out your old American Eagle jeggings.

Button-Up Shirts

Like sweater vests and blazers, button-up shirts are something that can be easily found at any store or thrift store. Whether you want something oversized (personal my fav!) or something in a tighter and more form-fitting style, you can’t go wrong. It is all about what you do with it that can make the outfit special. Adding extra jewelry or funky pants can upscale the fit massively. These shirts have some special power that it can make you feel so put together, the feeling like you’re gonna spend your afternoon at a small-town fancy cafe, even when it may be a regular Tuesday afternoon. Coming in so many different quirky patterns and colors, just throw on some jeans and you’re good to go to that happy place at the cafe.


Loafers are something that is starting to come into the fold of fashion and turning point into making an outfit a bit more masculine. But an outfit being masculine isn’t always a bad thing. It brings more power to a fit and mixes things up. Although it’s not something you can wear every day, it works best with those days of experimenting with different choices to make it work together. It is something that again needs time to figure out but it can be worn throughout the fall season to show a sense of alternative to something that would be considered boring before.

Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic looks are something that will never go out of style, yet it is something easily forgotten about, even though you probably have every already in your closet now! It doesn’t matter if the fit is all blue, pink, purple, white or red. This essential take on style will never cease to amaze you. And don’t fret just because it’s monochrome doesn’t mean it has to be the same shade. If you just have something within the same realm of the same color block it can up your game of fashion for any occasion. If you want to outdo yourself, you can match the same color shoes to top it off. It may sound hard to do at first but start slow with an all-black or white look and go from there. And imagine later down the line, when you master the technique in possibly an all-hot pink fit, walking down the street, you’ll feel like a celebrity.


Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry! Whether it is gold or silver, it can make any outfit go from a 2 to a 10 within seconds. Not only wearing jewelry but layering it can make just that much better. My mom always told me never to leave the house without at least my earrings on, and she’s right (when are moms ever wrong?!). Having jewelry can add that feminine touch to your outfit, even if you’re more into a goth vibe that day. Jewelry gives some softness to balance everything out or amping up the delicate look to emphasize the girly look and show more of your personality. Coco Chanel always said, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one item off.” But forget that old saying! Go big or go home in what makes you feel like the amazing queen you are!

Nia Tate

Hampton U '23

Hi, girlies! My name is Nia Tate and I am a Junior Health Sciences Major and Sociology from Seattle, Washington. I aspire to work at a non-profit organization that works towards equity in the health care system. A lot of my hobbies include yoga/meditation, kickboxing, trips to the lake, and upcycling old clothes into creating something new. I also aspire to travel the world and experience all different types of cultures and fashion. Some of my dream destinations I hope to visit include Japan, Brazil, and Greece!
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