Fabulous Freshman: Riley Holbert

Have you ever met someone everyone just loves to be around? Riley Holbert is that person! Her positive outlook on life and bubbly spirit are contagious! Riley is a Psychology major from Prince George’s County Maryland and this weeks Fabulous Freshman! 

HC: What has been your favorite part of freshman year so far?

RH: It’s been being a part of the cheer team! It was an easy way to make friends when I didn’t know a lot of freshmen coming into the school.

What’s your favorite part about the cheer team?

RH: I think it’s the sisterhood and friendships that are made!

HC: Do you think you made the right decision in coming to Hampton?

RH: I’m really enjoying Hampton. I think I made the right decision because here I can focus very well. I knew that if I went to a bigger school than this, I’d probably get caught up in too many activities and not get my work done.

HC: What are your spring break plans?

RH: My friends and I are doing the “anti-spring break!” We’re going to this place called Massanutten where you can snow tube and ski. It’s going to be lots of fun because it’s going to be all my friends hanging out in a house.

HC: How would you describe the Hampton Woman? Are you her yet?

RH: I don’t think I am her yet. I think I need some more Hampton experience. I think she is someone who knows herself. I don’t think it’s someone who has to wear heels all the time and carries around purses. She’s just someone who’s confident in herself.

HC: Do you have a Hampton bae or crush?

RH: Yes! It’s going pretty well. For the most part it’s pretty solid.

HC: Who’s your favorite celeb and why?

RH: I’m going to have to go with Beyoncé. She’s amazing! She’s just the queen of everything!

HC: What’s your go to beauty product?

RH: Eyebrows! Eyebrows are key! Fill them in!

HC: What do you miss the most about home?

RH: Probably my mom! She did everything for me and now I have to wash my own clothes and ask her for money and stuff. It’s just too much!

HC: What’s your advice to incoming freshman in the fall?

RH: Everyone that you met in high school is not going to stay your friend in college. Some friendships are going to be toxic, so you just have to let those go.

HC: Where can we follow you on social media?

RH: You can follow me on twitter at: rileyrilezz!