Fabulous Freshman: Randi Kennedy Reid

The first Fabulous Freshman of the 2017-2018 school year goes to VC Sweetie Randi Kennedy Reid. She is a first year Marketing Major from the dirty dirty south - Atlanta, Georgia.

This lovely girl spends her free time taking pictures and styling her friends! Randi is also going to be in this year’s Homecoming Fashion Show, so look out HU because she did not come to play.

HC: What is your favorite TV show?

RKR: Vampire Diaries.

HC: What is your favorite music genre?

RKR: R&B/Rap.

HC: Name a song that describes your boo?

RKR: Daniel Caesar Best Part.

HC: What makes you different from all the girls at Hampton?

RKR: All the girls are pretty much outgoing, all of them are pretty nice. However, I think my attitude is very spunky and sociable.

HC: What is your biggest fear and do you think you will ever be able to overcome it?

RKR: My biggest fear is losing my mom because she is my rock. Of course, if that did happen one day I would get over it, but it would take time. Or if my family was ever really disappointed in me my world would be ruined because I cannot live without them.

HC: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

RKR: One day in high school I was sitting down in class, and I did not know my period was about to start. I had on my favorite cute white and blue pants, and then I was like “I think my period just came on.” When I got up from my seat, blood was everywhere, and I had never been through anything like that. I was sooooo embarrassed!

HC: What do you think you can gain from Hamptons’ environment?

RKR: When I visited Hampton for the first time it seemed very family oriented to me and family means a lot to me. Therefore, I feel like I can gain many relationships with people and form close bonds.

HC: Is your style sexy, fun or classy?

RKR: Fun, I would say my style is kind of eccentric and different.

HC: Why did you choose to attend a HBCU vs PWI?

RKR: Being that I went to a predominately black high school I choose to attend an HBCU because I wanted my school to not feel exactly the same, but close to vibes I felt in high school.

HC: Keith Powers or Quincy Brown?

RKR: Keith Powers

HC: What are some ways you cope with stress?

RKR: I turn on my music I play Young Thug, and I just take deep breaths.

HC: If you could be any celebrity for a day who would you be and why?

RKR: The Weeknd because he is just so chill everybody loves him and he can sing so I would be singing all day.

HC: In light of the white supremacy attack happening in Charlottesville, Virginia, did you feel safe attending an HBCU in Virginia?

RKR: I did because they are not crazy enough to just come to an HBCU and feel entitled.

HC: How has your transition from high school to college been?

RKR: It has been well because I went to pre-college so that smoothed the transition.

HC: Do you see yourself meeting your Hampton Man?


HC: How do you balance your friendships at home vs here?

RKR: My friends at home use Fam or Houseparty to group Facetime, and I am always with my friends here. Therefore, when I am on Facetime I always introduce my friends to each other.

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

RKR: After Hampton, I would like to go to FIT and get a degree in Advertising and Marketing because I want to be a fashion marketing consultant.

HC: Gabrielle Union or La La Anthony?

RKR: Gabrielle Union

HC: What motivates you to grind?

RKR: My family, because I know they have so much faith in me to go far. When I see they have faith in me I have faith in myself, and that means they can depend on me to do anything for them.

If you fell in love with Randi as much as much as we did during the interview you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @randikenns!