Fabulous Freshman: Nia Wellman

Meet Fabulous Freshman, Nia Wellman! Nia is a West Indian beauty from Lithonia, Georgia who is a broadcast journalism major here at Hampton University. We chatted with Nia to see how this makeup artist, hair stylist, vlogger, and scholar is taking on HU.

Many of you may know Nia, as “Nia Imani” the YouTube sensation, where her videos receive over 14,000 views. She began her journey via YouTube years ago with her cousin. “It all started off as a past time were we would post silly videos”, said Nia. But little did she know, she was beginning a more than prosperous journey. “Many of my peers asked me, how did you do your hair? how do you do your make-up?, so I began to do tutorials. Wellman stated she began vlogging because she loved to review her old photo albums, so why not catch those moments in motion. Nia Wellman edits, and records her videos. She even has a passion for photography. Nia wants everyone to know that she is an independent woman who doesn’t want others taking credit for success.

Her success and perseverance is why she is here at Hampton University. Wellman set her sights on attending a historically black university at a young age. She achieved that goal along with receiving a scholarship. She chose Hampton University because of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communication, and the upscale reputation of the university. Her goals for this academic school year is to maintain her scholarship, become involved and active on campus but wants to equally balance her school and personal life. “I’m not trying to get lost in the sauce! I’m here for a reason.,” said Nia. Currently she is a HU Homecoming intern and active member of Y.A.A.C.,  a community service based organization here at Hampton University. “I enjoy interacting with the elementary students, giving back to my community.

 Overall, Nia wants to grow as an individual through her HBCU experience. She loves diversity and has an open mind. However, she wants to attend an institution catered to her. Nia is most definitely taking HU by storm. Best wishes Nia, we know you will continue on the path to greatness.