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Fabulous Freshman: Jada Kennedy

Our fabulous freshman this week is none other than this year’s Miss Freshman, Jada Kennedy! Jada is a 1st year in the 5-year-MBA program with a minor in Leadership all the way from the sunny Tampa, Florida. One fun fact about Jada is that she has a twin that’s right here on campus! Keep reading to see how this baby sun is slaying her first semester here at Hampton.

HC: What made you decide to come to Hampton?

JK: I definitely wanted to go to an HBCU and the 5-year program here is perfect for me because I want to also get my Master’s. My godsister also came here, so we came to visit her here and just fell in love with it! The people here are also very nice and open to giving insight about Hampton

HC: How is going to college with your twin sister?

JK: It’s like going through everything with your best friend. If anything is bothering me or frustrating me, I just go to her. Having that one person who’s always there to go to just makes everything more relaxed and calming.

HC: Transitioning from high school to college is tough for some people. How did you embrace this change?

JK: I kinda just jumped right in with getting involved and meeting new people. One thing I can say about coming here versus my high school is that people are willingly to meet new people. I also have a lot of bigs from different organizations. So, I’ve gotten a lot of insight about different organizations on campus.

HC: Is there anything you miss about high school?

JK: I went to a predominantly white high school, so we started a black culture club. We would put on productions during black history month. The people in the club became like a family and were always over each other’s houses. That’s one thing I miss. I do also miss my best friend.

HC: How was your first college homecoming last week? Did it meet your expectations?

JK: I had a lot of fun, especially since we [the freshmen] are off curfew, now. Since it’s my first year, I bought tickets to every event and party. My favorite was the tailgate and the game.

HC: Has coming to college changed your taste in music?

JK: Yes, it’s definitely changed. Before coming here, I listened to mostly R&B and radio music. Now my friends are like “let me put you onto this.” So, I listen to a lot more hip hop music.

HC: Describe your fashion style.

JK: I would say chic and sophisticated. I like to try to change it up and try different things.

HC: I know you’ve probably heard about the Hampton Man Do you think he exists?

JK: Hopefully! He has to exist.

HC: What is on your college bucket list?

JK: I want to go on a cruise with all my friends. If we have another “evacuation vacation”, I’m going to either New York or D.C. this time. We went to Charlotte, N.C. And then, of course, take cute grad pics!


Leenika, or Nika, is a junior journalism major at Hampton University. She is a native of Laurel, Maryland and is a very proud Marylander. In addition to writing for HerCampus, Leenika is also the lifestyle editor of the Hampton Script. Follow her on twitter @callme_nika and on Instagram at lovely_nika.
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