Fab Freshman: Kemia Bridgewater

Meet Kemia Bridgewater, a freshman Criminal Justice major on the Pre-Law track from Detroit, Michigan! Kemia currently serves as this year’s Miss Freshman Attendant on the Hampton Royal Court. Keep reading to learn more about Kemia and her thoughts on Black History Month!

Photos by Sara Avery


HC: What are some fun facts about you?

KB: I like to watch international shows— specifically Korean shows, I like to read manga, and I’m ambidextrous!



HC:  Why did you decide to run for Miss Freshman Attendant?

KB: I knew that I wanted to get involved as soon as school started. Therefore, when freshman class elections began within the first few weeks of school, my Big encouraged me to run for Miss Freshman Attendant being that she was also on the court as Miss Junior Attendant. This position was perfect for me because I could positively represent the freshman class. 



HC: When you think of Black History Month, who’s the first person you think of and why?

KB: I would have to say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. since he embodies Black History Month. He was the most visible spokesperson and leader of the Civil Rights Movement and certain things would not have been possible if it wasn’t for him and many others. 



HC: Describe your style!

KB: Three words: Elegant. Preppy. Chic.



HC: What do you plan on doing with your major?

KB: I plan to take the LSAT before graduation and then attend law school to achieve my long term goal of becoming a lawyer.



HC: What’s your favorite thing about Hampton University?

KB: The waterfront is one of my favorite things here on campus! Back when the weather was a bit warmer, I would sit on one of the benches at the waterfront and write poetry.  


HC: What advice can you give to freshmen who wish to be more involved on campus?

KB: I advise that they keep their eyes and ears open in order to get information about interest meetings for certain clubs and organizations that they may want to partake in. 



HC: Just like our ancestors, who in our generation is making black history? 

KB: I would have to say Beyoncé. In terms of empowerment and someone to look up too, she is just that. Her hard work and tenacity is an inspiration to so many and I am honored to have witnessed everything she has achieved as an African American woman in today’s society.



HC: Who in black history has had the biggest impact on your life?

KB: Charlotte E. Ray because she paved the way for African American women to become lawyers. If it was not for her and many other women before me, I may not have been able to pursue my aspiration of becoming a lawyer.


Thanks to Kemia for the interview and thanks to Sara Avery for the photos! Make sure you follow Kemia on Instagram: @mia._myason