Fab Freshman: Delaney O Gilvie

Meet our Fabulous Freshman this week, Delaney O’Gilvie. Delaney is a first-year pre-Pharmacy major from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Here at Hampton, Delaney is  apart of College Girls where she plans events on the social team. Also, she is currently helping a College Girls member, Ashanti, expand her brand with Strength of a Broken Woman. Delaney is interested in all things fashion-related, and doing girly things like going to the mall. There is never a day you will see Delaney without her nails done or not looking fab in general. Keep reading to get to know more about our Fab Freshman!

HC: What made you choose Hampton, and what were your other top choices?


D: My top schools were Hampton, Xavier, Virginia Commonwealth and Florida A&M. I chose Hampton because they have a strong pharmacy program, the school is family oriented, and I wanted to be surrounded by people who looked like me.


HC: Being a Pre-Pharmacy major, what is it that you aspire to be in the future?


D: If I end up staying with Pharmacy, overall I just want to help the community and those in need.


HC: What is your favorite memory being here so far?


D: Definitely my first Homecoming. My favorite part of Homecoming was the concert and the 12-2.


HC: What is one thing you took away from this year and one goal you have going into 2019?


D: One thing I took away from this year was that life gets real after high school. You have to keep your eyes open and know whats going on out here. One of my goals for next year is to procrastinate less. I gotta be less lazy, go the library more, and keep my grades up.


HC: How would you describe Delaney?


D: Determined, persistent, and an overachiever. I’m always thinking about my end goal. Like, why I’m here, what I need to do, what I need to get done. I’m determined to be somebody in life and just successful. I never take no for an answer. I’m always looking for something else to do, something to keep me going. I like to set the bar high and keep it there, and exceed whatever I’ve already done. When I don’t, I’m pretty hard on myself about it. And those three go with my initials DPL, lol.

HC: What is one thing people don’t know about you?


D: I am very genuine. I may look like I have a RBF, but I’m nice. I’m pretty cool. *laughs*


HC: Who is currently on your playlist?


D: Stay Down by Brent Faiyaz. I like Meek Mill’s new album, especially 24/7.  CPR by Summer Walker, and Wasted Times by The Weeknd. I also listen to a lot of DMV music like Q Da Fool. I’m everywhere lol. I like a lot of music.


HC: What is one way you practice self care/self-love?


D: I like to pamper myself a lot. I do a lot of face masks, use candles, and always have my nails done. I don’t like feeling down about myself, because when you do your makeup and you’re feeling good, you’re having a good day!


HC: If you weren’t in college pursuing a degree, what would you be pursuing?


D: Ooh, that’s hard. Hair probably. I just wanna make money lol. I make wigs and stuff, so I would probably do that. Get a cosmetology license real quick. That’s all. *laughs*


That is pretty much everything you need to know about our Fab Freshman of the week, Delaney O’Gilvie. Hit her up for getting your wigs situated for second semester, or just wanting to become friends. She’s very nice, as you can see.

To stay up to date with Delaney, follow her on Instagram @delaneypatricee.