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Fab Freshman: Angelica Coleman

This week’s Fab Freshman goes to the one and only Angelica Coleman, who preferably goes by Jelli. Yes, Jelli, like the spread you put on bread. Jelli is a first year kinesiology major from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. She is a ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and tap dancer. She has been dancing for 14 years. She’s a ray of sunshine on and off the dance stage so read more about Angelica in this Her Campus interview! 


Q: How did you get your unique nickname?

I got my nickname from my grandfather because my mom wanted my nickname to be “Angel,” but he didn’t like that. So he decided to make it Jelly with a unique twist. 


Q: What led you to major in kinesiology?

Hampton’s kinesiology program offered the best education and environment to prepare me to be the best athletic trainer. It will then lead me to become an athletic trainer for a professional dance company. 


Q: What keeps you motivated while being in TERPS, doing excessive loads of school work and participating in school events?

It’s not that hard to stay motivated however I sometimes have times of doubt but I have to remember the reason why I’m here. Also, thinking about being successful, getting to my end goal, getting a degree and getting to that bag keeps me moving. 


Q: You leave everything on stage when you perform. Other than dance, what are you passionate about?

Other than dance I am passionate about sleep. I know it seems lazy, right? Being that I am involved in so many activities, I will take a nap whenever and wherever I can. 


Q: What are some goals you want to accomplish before your freshman year is over?

By the time freshman year is over, I would like to put myself out there and be involved in campus activities while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA. 


Q: Even though you are only a freshman, what have you learned at Hampton University?

I have learned discipline, accountability, and who your true friends are. 


Q: If you had one wish, what would it be and why? Wow only one wish?

If I had one wish it would be for everyone to understand one another. Many disagreements and wars come from people not understanding each other. If people understood one another it would lead to world peace and people uniting together. 


Q: If you had to change one thing about the world, what would it be? 

I wouldn’t necessarily change the entire ecosystem, I would like to change the well-being of the Earth. I wish humans were more aware and knew about the significance of polar ice caps, endangered species and the harm we do to the world. 


Q: Who is your inspiration and how do they influence you in your day to day life?

My mom is my inspiration. She also attended Hampton – she was here the year before they created the class names. What she got from her years here and how she developed it into greatness inspires me so much. She taught me to make the most out of any situation and I keep that in the back of my mind in my day to day life.

Hello everyone, I am Ayonna Chambers a Broadcast Journalism major Leadership Studies minor from New Jersey!
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