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Drive the Boat or Ride the Wave: What Really Matters?

Whenever the topic of sex arises, one of the most notorius debates that arises is the size of the boat or the motion in the ocean. We pry and wrack our minds to make a decision on which one means more to us when we’re about to have sex but the reality is…it’s preference. 

I wish the answer was more cut and dry. But, sex is about preference and is extremely circumstantial. 


The package is always an exciting part of sex. Daydreaming about what it may be like or look like is always a thrill. And whether he’s toting a yacht or a lifeboat, how women feel about the size is purely circumstantial. If the sex is casual, most women can appreciate a package. If it’s the first time we may be having sex, the size of the boat is what initially stirs the tsunami up. It makes you excited and gets you ready for what’s to come. If the sex is casual, and he is packing a lifeboat the excitment and anticiptaion may not be as high. She may be hesitant thinking she may “waste her time” or it won’t be worth it. 

However, if the sex isn’t casual (meaning it’s with someone that you are dating or someone that you’re more intimate with) the size may not be as much of a concern. As a women, being emotionally involved jades the way that you look at a man, especially sex. Therefore, you may love the way he sexs you and may not be worried about how big the boat is that you’ll be driving. Also, if you’ve already experienced it before there is less pressure, if you both know he knows what he is doing. 

However, a chicken nugget will not cut it. The size of a “chicken nugget” is somewhat subjective to each woman, but we all have an idea of what is too small. 

We need to feel SOMETHING. 


But, what can he do with it? I think a lot of women would agree that the motion always matters. Although, the idea of the size of the package varies more, every woman wants a man that knows what he’s doing with what he has. Regardless of the level of intimacy that you and the man share, we can agree that a man that has no idea what to do with what he has is just……

Men have to do their due diligence to a woman and put their best foot forward. The motion has to be up to par because if not…then time is being wasted. He needs to learn how to pay attention to your body and giving your body the attention it deserves based on what he has. The importance is that the man is taking care of her. What matters is the attentiveness to the body language and responses. The attention to the fine details of what she says she likes and doesn’t like, wants, and doesn’t want. It’s never about what the man “thinks” it is, and is always about what actually is!

So, go forward women and learn your bodies. Pick your preference and run with it, or in the words of our favorite Hot Girl …. DRIVE THE BOAT.


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Jazmin Lee

Hampton U '20

Jazmin Lee is a junior, Biology major from the "Queen City" Charlotte, NC. Her hobbies include singing/writing music, reading everything from poetry to blogs, and of course......socializing. She is currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. 
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