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The new year has brought with it many surprises from Kim and Kanye’s divorce to Dr. Dre being in the hospital to a new COVID strand and distribution of vaccines.


Alongside those surprising headlines was something even more shocking: a staged coup of the capital. Donald Trump gave a speech to his supporters about how the election was “unfair” and encouraged them to do something about it… and they did. During what appeared to many Americans to be a terrorist attack, trump supporters swarmed the capital, broke into offices, and even killed police officers. All of this resulted in another impeachment, making Donald Trump the first President to get impeached twice (which also means that he was impeached more than the terms he served).  


What does this mean? Now that Trump has been impeached, he has to go through a trail in the Senate where they will listen to his defense and decide, by a vote of two thirds, if they will convict him. If the Senate gets the votes, Donald Trump will be the first President convicted in a Senate Impeachment Trial. 


What happens if he is convicted? If convicted, Trump could lose several benefits including lifetime pension, yearly travel budget, and even the chance to serve in a federal office again. 


The Senate Majority Leader said that he wants to push the trail back to January 19th but as of January 23, 2021, the trail has still not begun. 


Donald Trump’s presidency will undoubtedly go down in history but not for the right reasons.

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