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Do You Know Your Love Language?

The leaves are falling, it’s getting colder outside, and you know what that means. “Cuffing Season” is right around the corner.

Who doesn’t love spending the winter boo’d up with their significant other, watching Netflix, and celebrating the holidays? 

All these feelings will have you wanting to make the relationship last forever. Of course, that requires hard work and communication, but there are things to help couples in this area of a relationship.

For example, there is one specific aspect of relationships that is oftentimes overlooked, yet very important – love languages.

Love languages are the different ways that romantic partners express and experience love. You can have more than one. The 5 types of love languages are acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation. Knowing which love language is yours is very important because it can tell your significant other how to love you better.

Couples have to understand that the way you love and the way your partner loves may be totally different, but that’s ok! If you know their love language is quality time, you can make plans for a date and if they know your love language is gift giving they can surprise you with flowers. These are little ways to show your significant other you care but you won’t know how unless you both do some research. 

In my opinion, this is the fun part. There are tons of free online tests that ask you different questions to help you find out your love language,such as “Do you like to hold hands in public?” or “Do you like to be reminded that you are loved?” There are also plenty of books to help you understand your love language and give you ideas for how to nurture it.

Love languages are such a good way to get to know your significant other better and help the relationship last. Find out yours and watch the love thrive.

I am Calyx Stover! A junior journalism major from Boiling Springs, South Carolina attending Hampton University. I love a good girl gang and HerCampus is the premier gang to join. I am excited to share my work and collaborate in the multimedia world.
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