Do’s and Don’ts for your First 12-2

12-2 is as sacred to Hamptonians as the grass in front of Ogden. It’s a time to relax from the stressful academic week and kick off the weekend. It’s also a time to show off your best outfits. For the freshmen and transfers, here’s a little guide to our(and now your) day party.


Do: Pop out 



There’s absolutely no way to describe the 12-2 pop out. To some it’s a floor length sun dress with heels and to others its a cute graphic tee/leather skirt combo. Either way, come to slay. However this doesn’t mean that on every single Friday you have to be dressed to the nines. Here’s the most important 12-2’s: the first one, the 12-5/block party during homecoming, the 100 days one, and of course the final 12-2. So, that’s only like 4-5 fits.


Don’t: Walk barefoot back to your dorm



While it’s lowkey a rite of passage to walk barefoot from a Hampton event, there’s nothing fun (or sanitary) about peeling pebbles off of your feet. Trust me, you will feel every single step during that walk from the stu to Twitchell. If those heels are so uncomfortable that you can’t stand in them for 2 hours, you might want to bring an extra pair of flats with you or see if your big can give you a ride. 


Do: Expect to it be crowded 


You’ve seen the videos. Tons and tons of people crowding into the student center, packed so closely that you can barely see the ground. Things can get a little uncomfortable with all those people in one place, especially on the stairs and near the stage. If you don’t like crowds or constantly being bumped into, this is not the place for you. That applies to almost every college party.


Don’t: Come totally wasted


Admin will and have shut down student activities because of excessive drinking. Plus, no one likes baby sitting their drunk friends, especially in the middle of the day. I’m not saying not to drink (if you’re 21+), but just know your limits. 


Do: Come early (if you can)


You can hear the music from every corner of the student center and even outside, but by far the best place to be is the couches outside of the atrium... However, the most action is going to be right in the heart of the atrium in front of the stage. Regardless of your preference, we can all agree that the third floor on the track is NOT the place to be.


Don’t: Skip class


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$300/hour course>>>a two hour day party. At the end of the day, your education comes before everything. Those unexcused absences are non-renewable resource once you use them you can’t get them back. Don’t waste them on something that happens every Friday. Save them for homecoming. 


Do: Be yourself 


While (like almost Hampton event) 12-2 is basically a fashion show,it isn’t a competition. As a freshman, it’s super easy to get caught up with the opinions of other people and want to fit in “You’re wearing that to 12-2?” If you like a song, then don’t b be afraid to dance. And if you want to wear something, rock it. At the end of the day, this is YOUR college experience. This goes both ways as well. Don’t judge your fellow Hamptonian; uplift them! 


Don’t: Ruin the fun 


Once upon a time, many eons ago 12-2 was cancelled. I’m not going to go into detail but let’s just say that some people took “knuck if you buck” a little too far. As a result, Ophio17 didn’t get to truly experience Hampton’s student life as freshmen. It also  threw off the entire student body morale. What we are not about to do during THE YEAR OF THE ONYX is to start off the semester with bad vibes. That being said, leave the drama outside of the stu, celebrate surviving your first week of classes, and most importantly Turn up!