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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Is it Ugg season already? Well maybe wait until the chill drops a little lower, but over the knee boots are back and boy sure are they out! A cute dress, a pair of shorts or a skirt is a great combo for the infamous over the knee!

Hot cocoa? S’mores? And it just seems like that coffee tastes so much better in the winter time! Chilly weather is back, literally! Grab the ingredients and make it yourself or mix some Hormel chili and Velveeta cheese, grab some nachos and dig in! Don’t forget the soup! Chicken noodle soup and a soda on the side!! Add some crackers and grab your blanket for food and relaxation!

Snuggle up with your boo this fall because it’s movie season! But don’t get caught up in that Netflix and chill! Have him take you to a real movie! It’s just cool enough for a walk in the park after or on the beach at night. The perfect weather where you won’t be sweating on a cute walk and you won’t be freezing either!

Live off campus!? Give your balcony some life this fall! Try outside lights and wrap them around! Bring out blankets and music and food or bring the laptop and have movie night outside with the girls!

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