Did Someone Say Bundles?

When ordering hair, you should thoroughly do your research. Hair is essentially an investment and you will get what you put in. So if a site says they have 20’ Virgin Malaysian Deep Wave hair for $50 a bundle, you may think that you’re getting a deal but in the end you may be only cheating yourself. The better quality hair you have the longer you’ll be able to reuse the hair. This helps you get all your money’s worth. Don’t get me wrong you can get lucky and find some good quality hair for cheap but it all depends on how well you do your research. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad and expensive doesn’t always mean good. I have created a list of my favorite and affordable hair companies (in no order) each of these places have great hair, great customer service, and great deals. Just in time for tax season!

IG: @thepinkhaircompany | Website: http://www.thepinkhaircompany.com/


IG: @kendrasboutique | Website: https://kendrasboutique.com/


IG: @mayvennhair | Website: https://shop.mayvenn.com/


IG: @johannsvirginhair | Website https://johann-holdings.myshopify.com/

There are a number of things you should consider when you are buying hair! First is shedding, it’s important that you test hair extensions before you purchase them. And if you are buying online pay attention to the reviews by people who aren’t sponsored. Run your fingers through the extensions to determine whether they shed or not. Next is thickness, you should hold up your bundle to the light to determine the thickness if you see many gaps in the hair you should reconsider your purchase. Keep in mind any inch you order over 18’ you will need at least four bundles because they tend to get thinner the longer the bundle. And most importantly texture!!!!!! Some hair comes in curly, straight, and wavy textures. It’s very hard to change the textures so it’s very important that you chose some hair that is very similar to yours. If not, you will spend several hours out of your day trying to blend your hair with the extensions. So use these tips and tricks and be on your way to serving some looks!