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Dear student that I used to be,

Currently, I am in my third year at the ILLUSTRIOUS Hampton University, my dream school. I am a Journalism and an English minor. I love all of my classes, especially since I no longer have to take any math or science classes. My favorite class is African American English. In this class, I have the opportunity to learn about the origin of African American vernacular and how these words evolved into the language that we use now.

Over the years, I fell out of love with math. Math used to be my go-to subject but as time passed the mixture of numbers and letters only continued to confuse me. It all started during Mr. Immekus’s Algebra 2 class. I got so lost during this class that I would only turn in my tests for credit on my work but failed to get to the actual answer for the problem. Science is still a major problem for me, and I do not think that will ever change. I just do not have any interest in the the science around me; especially when equations got involved. After chemistry with Mr. Baran, I do not think I will ever voluntarily look at another equation again.

All of this time spent hating math and science has opened my eyes for my love of writing. I know what you’re thinking, I literally hated writing during primary school but once I learned how to properly articulate my ideas I have not stopped writing. My love of writing began with my favorite teacher Mr. Connolly who taught me that writing did not have to be so strict. I would like to work on my creative writing skills, because I feel like literary writing has been forced down my throat.

As time progressed, I have fallen out of love with reading. I tried to get back in that spirit, but it has been so hard with my many time commitments. I miss the times where I found any corner of the house and curledl up with a good book. Over time, I feel as though I have not found a genre that properly suits my interest. So, I am making you a promise right now to find a novel worth falling in love with.

As of right now, I want to be a print journalist because I absolutely adore writing for Hercampus. Recently, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of becoming a producer. I’ve been working with WHOVTV as their technical director. It’s been a little challenging but I think if I keep working at it, I will only continue to get better. When I was younger, I used to want to be a lawyer but nothing about law interests me- besides arguing with random people.

I am so happy with where I am now with my education. Yes, procrastination is still not my strong suit but I am learning to manage my time much better. I hope I continue to get enough sleep and love my classes.

With love,

Sydney Broadnax

Sydney Broadnax

Hampton U '23

Hi friends! My name is Sydney Broadnax and I am currently a third year journalism major and english minor from Detroit, Michigan. In my free time, I like to binge watch my comfort shows and read.
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