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Dealing With Being in a Long-Distance Relationship on Valentine’s Day

Whenever I tell someone about my boyfriend, they can sense my elatedness through my voice, body language, and my gleaming smile. However, when I tell them that we are doing long-distance, I see worry take over their face. I get a lot of “how is that going for you?” and “that must be hard.” Can’t forget the “I couldn’t do that!” Little do they know, long-distance really isn’t hard if you both are serious about the relationship, still make time for each other and communicate effectively. 

Although I do say all those things about how LDRs are manageable, it still gets tough at times. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I see many couples on campus planning their dates which makes me yearn for my significant other wishing we were within proximity so we could be doing the same things. I do realize, though, that it is not good to dwell on things you can not change. With that being said, there are a few ways we make up for not being around each other as much as most couples.

One thing my boyfriend and I are good for is surprising each other. It doesn’t matter the size of the price tag, it is always a good feeling to know that someone has been thinking of you. The best part is receiving something without blatantly asking for it. Now, ladies, we all know that Valentine’s Day is widely known to cater to us, but men like being spoiled too! Flip the script this year and put some thought into what he may want instead of keeping the focus on you. Especially being in a LDR.

Endless FaceTime Calls
Like many long-distance couples, FaceTime is a must. Hearing your significant other’s voice or seeing their face may take your mood from 0-100. But, instead of the traditional FaceTime, switch it up and do a candlelit dinner or a virtual movie date. It could also be exciting to plan your next trip over a FaceTime call. Whether that is you visiting him, him visiting you or you both visiting a place you’ve never been to before. This will give you something to look forward to and sometimes makes the days go by faster.

Heartfelt Messages
Text messages communicating their love for you is something that never fails to make the heart flutter. An actual handwritten letter may come off as more thoughtful and sentimental. Just leave it all on the paper and don’t hold back! Communicating your feelings through writing can also help you feel better and reduce the number of wistful thoughts you may be feeling.

Getting through Valentine’s Day without your significant other may put a damper on your mood now, but in the meantime do something that will take your mind off of things like getting ahead on schoolwork or having a Galentine’s with your friends. If you are both truly meant to be, you can look forward to the day when you both will be spending every day together!

Kiara Davis

Hampton U '21

Hello! My name is Kiara Davis, I am a junior strategic communications (PR) major, marketing minor from the land of 10,000 lakes, Saint Paul, Minnesota. I really love writing and have since I was young. I also really enjoy the performing arts which include dancing, singing, and musical theatre. Ever since I was young I have been apart of dance and musical programs. As for my goals in life, I would like to see myself working for an advertising agency, and eventually achieving my biggest career goal of becoming a business owner. My passion includes contributing to the change of the stereotypical view of African-American women in society. Black women are amazing in every aspect and I would like to help the entire world recognize that.
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