Dare to DIY: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Ladies! Valentine’s Day is coming up in about two weeks. Aren’t you tired of the last minute hassle of trying to find your significant other a gift they are going to love? This is the best time to create a personalized gift that your significant other will adore. Also, DIY gifts take a lot of time and effort- this will definitely show bae that you care. As well, your gift will mean more to them knowing that you created it. Here are some ideas for cute DIY Valentine’s day gifts:

  1. Sip n’ Paint

Okay, I know not everyone can be Picasso-but it doesn’t hurt to try. Get a little romantic with bae and have a sip and paint. When you’re painting try to construct an image of what your significant other looks like to you. Either try to paint them or something that would be a great representation of what you see them as.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This is a gift idea that I absolutely love! Yes, it may take a little bit more pre-planning but it’ll be worth it in the end. To create your own scavenger hunt start off by making little notes/riddles and leaving them around your house. The notes can contain messages for where bae can find you. Also, each card can have a small corresponding gift attached to it.

  1. 13 Reasons Why I Love You

This DIY gift lets you explain all the things you like about your significant other. What I would suggest for this is getting a mason jar, decorating it, and putting the slips of paper saying why you love bae inside. Then, present the gift to them by reading each paper. This is super romantic and shows your significant other how much you appreciate them and what they do for you. Another plus to this gift is that they can keep it afterwards and when they’re sad they can always read your notes and knowing how much they’re loved will put a smile on their face.

  1. Gift Basket of Bae’s favorite things

This gift idea is one of my favorites because it consists of putting together bae’s favorite things in a gift basket. Also, this gift has a lot of potential. You can put their favorite snacks and even some Valentine’s day treats such as: chocolate covered strawberries or their favorite box of chocolate. You can even buy their favorite perfume or cologne to go with it.  You can also make them a card and stick it in the gift basket as well.


Instead of running to a department store, this Valentine’s day I challenge you to DIY Yes...DIYs can be a little challenging. But, I find them fun and rewarding as well. Plus, I know you’ll feel like creating a gift was totally worth it once you see the smile on your bae’s face. No matter what you decide to do I hope you and yours have a Happy Valentine’s Day.