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Creed III Cast Gives Opportunity to HBCU Students in Recent Press Conference

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Actor and director, Michael B. Jordan took to Atlanta, Georgia in late February alongside casemates Jonathan Majors and Mila Davis-Kent to give an inside scoop on their experiences while filming and everything having to do with Creed III. The coordination of this event stemmed from Jordan’s effort in bridging the gap for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)  to provide them unique experiences and a chance to use their voice in a storytelling element. 

The press conference took place both digitally and in-person in an effort to accommodate student schedules and give opportunity to HBCU-led media outlets. Some of the HBCUs that were represented included Clark Atlanta University, Hampton University, Morehouse College, Xavier University, and more. As an extension of Creed III’s HBCU Campus Collective, 15 HBCU campuses were given the opportunity to view an advanced screening of the film. 

During the press conference, students asked questions surrounding the behind the scene relationships between the cast in terms of what it was like working together and building the chemistry that we saw displayed on screen. It was particularly intriguing to see actress Davis-Kent interact in the discussion and with the audience through her interpreter. Her excitement and heart-felt energy could be felt through her facial expressions and body language. 

“Deaf people, and Black deaf people especially, can see this movie and realize that there’s representation and that they can do anything they set their minds to. They can be like anyone else. ” says Davis-Kent when addressing inclusivity and wanting to inspire the deaf community.  Davis-Kent also made it a point to encourage parents of children who are deaf to make an effort in learning ASL as a way to better support their children. 

Creed III takes viewers on a journey through the life of professional boxer Adonis Creed (played by Michael B. Jordan), who is the legacy of Apollo Creed from the Rocky series. In the third installment of the Creed movie franchise, the film specifically follows Adonis as he is met with memories from a harsh past as he is trying to move forward in his life. The movie hits on the concepts of jealousy, grief, love, and overall hardship that some may face as they are going through different phases in life. 

Since the press conference, Creed III  has premiered in theaters and is now playing across the United States. To get in on the action and see the film for yourself, be sure to check your local listings.

Sherdell Baker

Hampton U '23

Sherdell Baker is an emerging trailblazer in the media industry. Along with her being President (Campus Correspondent) for Her Campus Hampton U, she also writes for her own lifestyle & advice blog and ESSENCE Girls United. Sherdell works to one day be the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine publication or create her own magazine company and continue to share important stories after she graduates from Hampton University.