Concert Cramming: Learning the Lyrics before the Homecoming Concert

With homecoming around the corner, you must be ready for the homecoming concert. By ready, I mean knowing what you’re about to get yourself into. Knowing the songs and lyrics of who is coming. 


This is for all my Hamptonians who don’t know DaBaby music like that but are going to the concert. It is possible to learn his music days before the concert. I did it for PND during the Summer’s Over Tour and for Lil Baby last year. 


Here’s the 411:


Look up the artist’s essentials playlist on Apple Music or a playlist of their hottest songs

In this case, it would be DaBaby Essentials. If you have Apple Music or Spotify, I’m sure they have a playlist dedicated to DaBaby’s hottest songs. Keep this playlist on repeat until you know for certain parts or the chorus.

The songs on this DaBaby Essentials on Apple Music are; INTRO, Enemies feat. DaBaby, BOP, Cash S**t, Baby, iPHONE, Babysitter, Under the Sun, GOSPEL, Suge, 21, Goin Baby, Panini DaBaby Remix and the Truth Hurts DaBaby Remix.


Make a playlist of artists' songs and have it on repeat.

Put every song you know is popular or is recent in a playlist. Keep listening to the playlist leading up to the concert or until you are familiar with some key parts or lyrics. For DaBaby, putting songs from his recent album KIRK and Baby on Baby would help.


Try to learn the chorus, adlibs or the popular part of the song.

Everyone is not going to know the entire song, and if they do they’re not about to sing word for word so you’ll be fine. If you know the chorus, you’re good. 

Example: learning the “Suge” chorus (pack in the mail, it's gone..she like how I smell, cologne...I just signed a deal, I’m on…. (yeah, yeah)) The Yeah Yeah is KEY!


Watch videos from recent concerts to see which songs the performer does or look at the setlist from their recent tours.

The setlist is a list of songs the performer will play during the shows on their tours. Sometimes they will be online or social media. will have setlist from recent concerts of a certain artist. The setlist for DaBaby’s recent concert on October 13th was; Suge, Goin Baby, Babysitter, Cash Sh**t, VIBEZ, INTRO, BOP, 21, POP STAR, PROLLY HEARD. This might help you see what songs you need to know. Watching youtube videos will also help.


Watch the lyric videos on youtube

This is going to help you. Maybe not in public, but singing/rapping along to the song while reading the lyrics will help you learn the actual lyrics to the song.


All of these tactics should have you ready for your concert. Come Thursday, you should be set for DaBaby on Thursday.