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I woke up that morning, eager to see what the day had in store. It was Valentine’s Day and I had a boyfriend, kind of. It was one of those “bond without a title” things so I should have predicted what was going to occur later. Yet, I was still excited for the day devoted to heart-shaped boxes, edible arrangements, and oversized stuffed animals.

“Pancakes? I’ll come over and cook them for you” was the message from Ray (all names have been changed in this story to protect the privacy of these individuals) that instantly made me jump from my bed to find a suitable outfit for the day. I took my time doing my hair, which was very difficult being that I was in the rough stage of transitioning from chemically-treated to natural hair, and did my makeup. Keep in mind that this was high school, so beat faces were not a thing.

The doorbell rang and I eagerly went to invite my boo inside. However, I instantly noticed the vibe was off. He hit me with the one arm hug...

That was the first red flag. We go into the kitchen and he starts to make the pancakes. I’m trying to make conversation with him but he is too focused on mixing batter and texting. His phone was glued to his hand. Being a doormat, I just shut up and tried to assist in cooking. I reached over him to grab the vanilla and brushed against his phone, big mistake. This man basically jumps through the roof as if I was reaching for his phone. At this point, I’m over it. We finish the pancakes, eat, and he leaves. He gives me a half goodbye kiss and I go on about my day. My father ended up giving me chocolates and a card while we watched movies together through the evening.

Months later, I get a phone call from Miranda (once again, names have been changed). This was none other than the infamous “I’m coming to you as a woman” conversation. Turns out Ray left my house to spend the rest of the day and evening with Miranda. They even engaged in certain activity that you shouldn’t engage in with someone who isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Yet, the purpose and moral of this story isn’t to bash either one of these individuals or situation. It is to let you know that a lot of things can go wrong on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t define you or the day. If you don’t have a Valentine’s or if your man acts up, spend the day giving love to friends and family. Don’t fall victim to forgetting that Valentine’s Day is about showing love to all relationships in your life. Don’t fall into the materialistic and showy quality of the 14th either. With that being said, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

creator.writer.blogger.journalist.sushi enthusiast. Victoria has been obsessed with writing since the days of journals and sneaking to read books under the covers. Her passion shows through each word that she carefully places into sentences, providing an experience that is nothing short of poetic and powerful. Read more of her work on her blog, quintessentiallyspeakingblog.wordpress.com
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