Campus Cutie: Jori Contee Staten

I had the pleasure of sitting down with 2nd year 5 year MBA major, Jori Contee Staten! This girl is so driven and definitely has a plan for her life. This is an interview you do not want to miss out on!


Jori Contee Staten

2nd year 5 Year MBA

Prince George's County MD (Fort Washington)


What are your plans after graduation?


Right now I'm trying to become an expert in consulting. I enjoy case competitions, problem solving, and marketing too.


What is a major key or lesson you've learned while being at Hampton so far?


Definitely my classmates having my back and not my slack. I can't be so light on my work with group projects. If you don’t do you part, it won’t get it done.


What have you learned how to finesse in college?


This sounds bad but classes *laughter* because we all help each other out and I've learned how to finesse a hustle and making money like taking pictures and having a work-study.  


If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be?




Single, taken, or crushing?


I am single right now. I just got out of a relationship about 3 weeks ago, so I'm newly on the market.

What have you learned about dating in college?

I learned a lot about dating in college. Through my relationship and through others, it's not easy. Especially with your partner being here or not being here and all the constant temptation around you is hard to reject. Long distance can be tough but depending on how serious you take the relationship it can be great.


What is the most prominent quality you look for in a guy?


The most prominent qualities would have to be between intelligence and how well you treat me.

Is height important in dating?


Yes, def! Height is definitely important!


What things can you do to spice up a relationship?

Maybe like going out with your significant other and finding new things to do in the area instead of sitting in the house all day and the same old stuff.   


In a dream world, where would you be in 5 years?


In 5 years I'll be 24 so I'll be in Maryland (I love the DMV) with a consulting job with a Fortune 500 company and hopefully seriously dating. I would be trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and standing on my own feet for the first time.

What plans do you have to change the world?


Eventually I want to be working for myself, that's what I'm getting my MBA. Maybe I'll own my own business and have my own company and have some interns. I would also like to take over my mom’s real estate business and I'm always interested in extra money in my pocket!