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Campus Cutie: Daisha Edmundson

This week’s Campus Cutie is Daisha Edmundson. She is a Junior criminal justice major on a pre-law track, from Raleigh, North Carolina. On campus, Daisha is actively involved as the Editor in Chief of the Hamptonian Yearbook, secretary of the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society and Service Spree. Sis is doing her thing, who’s better to be this week’s Campus Cutie other than Daisha?

HC: What do you plan to do with your major after you leave Hampton?

DE: I plan to attend law school after graduation. I know I want to be an attorney but I’m not sure what kind of law I want to practice. I’m stuck between sports & entertainment law and family law.


HC: What made you join the yearbook club and what do you enjoy most about it?

DE: I was the editor in Chief of my high school’s yearbook my senior year and it became a love of mine. I love creating something out of nothing, capturing the memories of the year, creating something people will look back on years from now, and plus I think I just love being in control. Lol! I knew I grew so much in my position in high school, that I automatically knew I wanted to continue it into college, so I reached out to the yearbook club my first week here at Hampton. The last EIC appointed me as a successor once she graduated. Being EIC definitely has its ups and downs but it has helped me grow as a person.


HC: What are some goals you have for 2018?

DE: My goals for 2018 are to get around a 170 on the LSAT, get an internship with a sports team or attorney, keep my GPA before a 4.0, be more direct with my opinions and feelings, and to make the most of the rest of my time here at Hampton.

HC: What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

DE: In my free time, when I’m not focused on doing Yearbook, I love to shop even though my debit card hates me for it. Lol! I also watch a lot of movies and I go to Barnes & Noble’s a lot.


HC: Considering all the assault cases going on between celebrities and the recent controversy at Hampton, how do you feel about it?

DE: I feel like the whole sexual assault controversy at Hampton has really opened my eyes. I wasn’t aware that sexual assault was so prevalent on this campus but I am so glad that the women and men here are speaking out about it and bringing attention to it. I think the most important thing is to let people know that they are validated in their feelings, that we support them, that they have options, and that they aren’t alone.


HC: What are some traits you look for in a companion?

DE: The traits I look for in a companion would be someone who just connects with me on a soul level. He lets me be who I am. Someone who is supportive, kind, forgiving, thoughtful, and funny. Also, someone who is ambitious and driven, and that is not afraid to be who he is.

HC: If you could be best friends with a celebrity who would it be?

DE: KIM KARDASHIAN! Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with her.


HC: Who inspires your style?

DE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I love the way they both put outfits together. It’s so effortless but bomb at the same time. If I could raid anyone’s closet, it would definitely be Kim’s.


HC: What is your favorite song out right now?

DE: My favorite song out right now would be Look Alive by BlacBoy JB and Drake, and Love you Better by Christian Combs and Chris Brown.

HC: What is your favorite show on Television right now?

DE: My favorite TV show right now would be American Crime Story: Gianni Versace. It’s so interesting and Andrew Cunanan is insane.


HC: Who is your favorite artist?

DE: My favorite artist is Drake. He’s gorgeous and he always seems to know how to put exactly what I’m feeling into words. He’s also versatile so I can listen to him when I’m in my feelings and when I’m getting ready for Holland.

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Mia is funny, creative, and caring. She is a Junior Marketing Major at Hampton University from Charlotte, North Carolina. One of her favorite things to do is eat, eat, eat. Little girl big girl appetite. She also enjoys watching all the ratchet and drama filled "reality" shows. Mia enjoys being surrounded by friends and family. She is a great listener and advice giver. She lives by the motto what is for you will be for you, and that God always has a plan for you no matter how down and out you may be, so trust in him and the purpose he has laid out for you. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
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