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Campus Celebrity: Mion Edwards

You may have seen her advertising her styling services around campus, or maybe you’ve seen her in Scripps working long hours to finish her work. Our campus celebrity is Mion Edwards, a senior Strategic Communication major from Washington, D.C. Her Campus got the chance to sit down with Mion to learn about her business, style and aspirations.

HC: What is your business?

ME: My wellness and style blog is where my passion for women empowerment and fashion collide. On stylesbymion.com you are able to enjoy a weekly dose of fashion and styling tips, as well as women empowerment and self-help blogs. I also offer styling services for photo-shoots, special occasions, and events.

HC: How do you see your brand helping this generation?

ME: I have a strong passion for women empowerment and helping women find their light and reach their fullest potential. A spin off from the Styles By Mion brand catered to making women feel good on the inside so they can look great on the outside. Desserts and Discussions is a women empowerment event that I have planned and executed in two places. One was in Washington D.C. as well as on the campus of Hampton University. I plan to have a Desserts and Discussions London Edition. 

HC: What inspires you?

ME: Going through life’s ups and downs inspire me. I enjoy seeing how strong and resilient the women in my family help me and guide me. Watching what God has done for me and on my life encourages me to keep persevering and keep creating.

HC: Who’s your woman inspiration and why?

ME: My woman inspiration has to be the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue Magazine, Elaine Welteroth. She grinded her way and worked her way to the top. She is an inspiration because she is naturally herself, down to earth, advocate for equal rights of woman. To top it all off she has an amazing sense of style. She’s ultimately doing what I see myself doing in the future.

HC: Why did you start styles by Mion? 

ME: I started Styles By Mion because I’ve always had a passion for styling and all things clothing! I love showing a woman that may not be as confident with the items in her closet that she can be beautiful and find something that is stylish and makes her feels good.

HC: What did she learn from her overseas trip? 

ME: I learned going to London, that a girl from NW, Washington D.C. can go outside of the country and absolutely belong and kill it. One thing I struggled with was feeling worthy of such an opportunity, but God proved to me that I was.

HC: How do you plan on bringing the style from overseas to her own personal style? 

ME: In London people wore what they want, they didn’t necessarily follow set trends. When I’m dressing myself or even my clients, I try different patterns, silhouettes, and colors.

HC: What’s your motivation to keep you going through any trials that may come up?

ME: I remember who I am and whose I am. I also remember that I’ve been through a lot of hardship, heartbreak, you name it. But I am resilient and have always bounced back.

HC: What is your favorite thing to do outside of styling? 

ME: My favorite thing to do outside of styling, is taking pictures. I love photoshoots. I also love having self care days like going out to eat, watching Netflix.

HC: What advice would you give a younger person who wants to start their own styling business?

ME: Be knowledgeable. Advice I would give, is to have a mentor in the industry that can help you navigate the ins and outs of the business. My mentor Brandice Daniel the founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row (@harlemsfashionrow) has given me so many gems and opportunities I am so grateful for. If you want to be a stylist, research and read about what styling is all about. It’s more than putting cute clothes together, know about different body shapes and know what questions to ask in a consultation to get the best results. Know the moguls and game changers in the industry as well. 

Stay updated with Mion and her latest styling services on her website http://stylesbymion.com and on Instagram @mionsade.

I have the privilege to serve as Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Hampton U Chapter a second year! I am a graduating Senior, Strategic Communications major, Marketing minor currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. I am from Richmond, VA (shoutout to the 804!). In addition to classes, I run my own creative agency, Tiana Nichelle Marketing where I specialize in social media management, content creation, public relations, and branding. My love for the PR and Communications industry is the reason my ultimate goal is to become a celebrity publicist in the upcoming years! Her Campus Hampton U is an organization that is near and dear to me and I am so happy to be a leader of this ELITE chapter!
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