Campus Celebrity: Leticha Priscilla Heflin

Every once in a while you’ll meet someone that willingly gives up their own personal time and all of their energy in order to encourage, support, and uplift others, and at Hampton University Leticha Priscilla Heflin (LP) is one of those individuals. LP is a senior, political science major from Atlanta, Georgia and has made a huge impact at Hampton University and continues to do so. One of her first of many involvements on campus was becoming the treasurer for the Ogre Phi Ogre 15 class. Since freshmen year she has continued to serve as treasurer and makes it her duty to diligently work with her class as best as she can.

LP also excels academically as a Hampton University Gates Millennium Scholar, Hampton University Sidley Prelaw Scholar, and as a member of Hampton University’s Honors College. She is also a member of many extracurricular activities and serves as the Vice President of Hampton University’s His Chosen Sounds Gospel Choir, she is a member of Hampton University’s The Script Advisory Board, and also serves as the Vice President of the Rho Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.

Although she is academically and socially involved on campus she doesn’t put anything before her ministry. If you see LP on campus you’ll more than likely see how devoted she is to campus ministry. She serves as the President of the Interfaith Collegiate Council and makes it her duty to make sure hamptonians are able to have a stronghold on their faith regardless of how far away they are from home. LP's dedication to campua ministry and all of the other activities she is a part of on campus has landed her the Her Campus Celebrity of the week. Her hard work is seen daily and we want to let her know it has not been in vain.

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