Bryson Tiller: Trapsoul

Bryson Tiller has been shaking the nation with the release of his first R&B album, TRAPSOUL since October 2, 2015. Up against many other competing artists such as Drake, Chris Brown and Trey Songz, Tiller grasped the hearts of females with his smooth ballads and poetic lyrics. With many awaiting the release of Frank Ocean and the Weeknd’s next album, this was a present for R&B fans. Tiller outsold popular artists such as Young Thug, Scarface and Snoop Dog. During his first week of the album release, he sold twenty-two thousand along with newly famous artist, Fetty Wap.

On the album he pours his heart out to an anonymous love interest on many tracks, while humbly boasting about his success on other songs such as “Rambo” and “504 to come up.” Gabrielle Fatal-Buckley, a junior Kinesiology major from the U.S. Virgin Islands spoke about her favorite songs on the album and what some of the passionate tracks meant to her.

Exchange is one of my favorite songs on the album, it has sort of a 90’s feel to it and I feel that the lyrics are very relatable while being directed to a target audience. I also feel like he gives males an outlet to express how they feel towards females and proves that pride doesn’t equal love. Now that Bryson Tiller is on the verge of success in the music industry, he’s definitely competition towards R&B artists today.”

Although many fans agree that Tillers album may have been directly targeted at females and exemplified what I meant to truly love a woman, others feel differently about the plan for this album and some of the songs.

Joseph Gaither, a junior, journalism major from Maryland explained what he thought to be a deeper meaning of the album. “It was a very personal album. You can tell that he’s speaking from him heart and he expresses it through his music. It was just very authentic to me. He has only dropped one album, but overtime I believe he will become one of the biggest R&B artists we have had in a long time.”

Although the whole album is a must have, many fan favorites include Exchange, Overtime and Been That Way. Bryson Tiller has just made his mark on the industry but an everlasting memory with the hearts of his newly obsessed fans.