"The Bobby Brown Story": Fact or Fiction?

A couple of weeks ago, “The Bobby Brown Story” premiered on BET -- and shocking is an understatement. Full of sex, drugs and R&B, the biopic was entertaining, but it just seemed so...fake. There were several major claims made throughout the movie, and they all raised the question of rather it was true or not. Whether it was exaggerated or just a plain ole “alternative fact”. Let’s review the five most questionable claims made from the two-part biopic.

Janet Jackson Affair

Bobby Brown claimed to have a secret love affair with Janet Jackson while she was engaged to her now ex-husband, René Elizondo Jr. During this alleged, short-lived fling the two casually met up and had sex in hotel rooms all while Bobby showered her with expensive gifts. During one scene, Bobby shows up unannounced to Janet’s house with a car. She quickly rejects the gift and Bobby then supposedly says, “I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” Out of nowhere it cuts to a dramatized sex montage where Bobby awkwardly asks several times, “Do you love me?” and “Whose is it?” to no reply. In the televised version, the affair ends with the two getting into an argument about why Janet did not want to be with Bobby. They both part their separate ways.  Apparently, in the uncut version Bobby kicks a naked Janet Jackson out of his hotel room and locks her out after threatening to reveal their affair. This didn’t happen and if it did, it was greatly exaggerated. I highly doubt that Janet would put up with the begging and pleading of Bobby for long, and if he really wanted to tell people about the affair he would’ve. We all know Bobby Brown is no stranger to drama.

Whitney Affecting His Drug Use

As we all know, Bobby and Whitney were no strangers to drugs. However, how these circumstances were depicted in the film was greatly exaggerated as well. The film made it seem like Bobby’s drug usage was something he infrequently dabbled in before he met Whitney. As though Whitney was the one with the crazy drug habits. Bobby finding out that she did drugs on their wedding day seems highly unlikely (I mean, how are you in a serious relationship with someone and don’t know they use drugs). After finding out, he then says, “it’s okay” the two get married, and his life kind of spirals out of control from there. Bobby started to get sloppy, made bad career moves, didn’t pay his mortgage, and gets a DUI. It then shows Whitney doing more drugs in the midst of Bobby’s sobriety. This, however, doesn’t really add up considering her significantly more successful career.  Whitney had more to lose, and if she had done the amount of drugs depicted in the film. I don’t think she could’ve been where she was. The film makes it seem like Whitney amplified Bobby’s drug use when they probably were equally toxic to each other.

   Photo by Ebony Magazine 

The Stroke

Bobby Brown allegedly suffered a major stroke after doing drugs. It was shown that Whitney found Bobby laying there and was so high that she laughed and danced around his body while chanting, “Imma start without you! Imma start without you!” Then, it cuts to him being transported to the hospital with a now frantic Whitney by his side. While this was fascinating to watch, it was made up. During a stroke, one side of your brain is not getting enough oxygen, so the brain begins to die. If you do not get prompt medical attention, you will suffer permanent consequences. If Whitney really left Bobby for as long as he made it seem, he would probably be dead or partially paralyzed. Plus, if he was unconscious, how does he even know she danced around him?

His appearance and Vocal abilities

This one is more minor but, still, greatly exaggerated. As time went on, the biopic did a terrible job of aging actor Woody McClain, who plays Bobby Brown in the series, in later years. We all saw how Bobby started to let himself go after a while, and his vocals weren't what they used to be. During the Heads of State Tour scene, when he was performing, he appeared slimmer, in shape, and his vocals were smooth. In actuality, he had a raspier singing voice, rusty dance moves and an out-of-shape physique. He probably would’ve liked to look and sound like he is shown in the biopic, but we all have to be realistic with ourselves at some point.

His Role in His Own life

In general, the whole biopic was Bobby playing victim. In a lot of the sticky situations and complications Bobby went through in his journey, he got himself there, but he definitely down played it. Many excuses were made in the film about why and how he went wrong, and over and over again we see the same mistakes repeated. Whether it was paying his bills on time, diving into drugs and alcohol, or sleeping with women he wasn’t supposed to sleep with; he seemed to never learn from the first time. Bobby made it seem as if his circumstances pushed him to do the things he has done, but in reality he was just a grown man making bad decisions.


Overall, the biopic was still enjoyable despite the lies and exaggeration. Although at times it felt like you were watching a movie about a fictional character, it wouldn’t be “The Bobby Brown Story” without the overstatements and dramatizations.