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Black History Month is almost over, but the spotlighting of Black creators doesn’t stop there. Black creators are vital for representation, spotlighting societal issues, and spreading important information. These creators deserve the same amount of praise as well as proper credit for their work as their white peers tend to receive. This article will focus on Lynae Vanee, a true trailblazer for this generation that uses her platform to amplify her voice. 

Lynae Vanee, a Spelman and Boston university graduate from Atlanta, GA, is a content creator dedicated to discussing pop culture, spotlighting Black history, and giving updates on politics and social justice movements. Vanee uses her M.A. in African American studies to keep her audiences informed and engaged in cultivating change in society. Her ability to “keep it Black, but keep it brief” while having tea in a parking lot draws more people in to get information and entertainment quickly. With a widespread desire for content in the form of short videos, Vanee keeps herself relevant and popular by meeting the demand with her unique set-up. 

Vanee’s platform is essential as it demonstrates how Black women can speak their minds while not only backing it up with facts but keeping her content fairly lighthearted. Though she states the urgency of the societal issues, she does it while providing resources that her audiences can use to create the change they need to see. Both locally and nationally. On top of that, seeing a Black woman address important issues like feminism and race from her perspective sheds light on how Black women are often excluded from these spaces. It’s refreshing to see Lynae Vanee be the change that we need to see but also motivating at a time when schools are fighting to erase certain parts of history from being discussed in their classrooms. Having access to her content keeps people informed, but also hopeful that the necessary changes will happen with our efforts to start making them happen. 

Feel free to check out Lynae Vanee on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms as well as her personal website: https://www.lynaevanee.com/bio

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