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Black Girl Magic Controversy

Black Girl Magic? Or black girl IMAGINATION! With the phrase quickly growing all over social media, some have gotten onboard this hashtag while others are responding with a “#WTF”.

You would think black girls feeling confident; embracing their curly course hair, and their multiple shades of smooth cocoa skin is a positive thing, right? Well, at least one person doesn’t agree, Elle magazine writer, Linda Chavers, feels the complete opposite about this movement. She penned her opinion in her article “Here’s my problem with “#BlackGirlMagic” after Essence released their February issue “#BlackGirlMagic  Class of 2016”.

With the long history of women being treated less than important in society, black girl magic doesn’t rub everyone the right way. So that raises the question, is it indeed black girl magic we are teaching our children, or the imagination of dreams we are selling instead? Chavers dug deeper into this concoction and explained her concerns for the evolving trend, bringing lost lives of black woman and police brutality against African American woman into the picture.  

Black girls most certainly are magical, but the issues we face daily is just another part of the non-sparkly struggle we endure every day. Embracing each other and spreading positivity is not looked down upon, but Chavers wants us not to forget the reality of the real issues that lay deeper than our chocolate brown skin. But why can’t black girls take a break from all this controversy and enjoy being magical from to time?! Let loose, girl! We have not forgotten about our deeper-rooted issues, but you must let us enjoy our beauty that is very much overlooked. Even though problems will always exist, Black girls will always be magic, and that will never change.


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