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I’ve been using Youtube for as long as I can remember. The limitless amount of content has always kept me entertained for hours. As I got older, I started to notice that there weren’t many creators that looked like me. It wasn’t an issue at first, but soon I wanted to hear voices from people that looked like me. Nevertheless, I found my favorite Youtubers and grew to love their content. So here are some of my favorite black Youtubers that I recommend checking out!


This past year, Amanda has become one of my favorite creators on the platform. Like many of us, she’s also a college student so it’s great to have someone your age to hear from. Her content is mainly commentary and beauty, and she touches on topics ranging from video games to pop culture. I admire her passion and confidence when discussing a topic. She also makes for some of the best comedic moments. My favorite video series of hers would be the “everything wrong with …”; these videos provide a great analysis on popular TV shows and other pop culture favorites. I love that Amanda isn’t afraid to call out celebrities for their actions and speak up for what’s right. Check out her channel for some great reviews and commentary on your favorite content!


There is never a dull moment on Keisha’s channel. The British Youtuber is known for her commentary videos and her music. Her commentary style tends to focus more on influencer culture and its drama. My favorite series of hers is definitely the drama revolving around the makeup community. Her videos are entertaining and funny all while being informal. She recently started a podcast with her brother where she gets more in depth on certain topics. She is also planning to release more music and personal vlogs on her second channel “ItzKeisha Uncut”. Outside of her videos, I love her interactions with her subscribers and her dedication to creating great content.


MissDarcei has become one of my favorite creators for beauty products. Her videos are primarily centered around trying different makeup looks to fit in different aesthetic communities such as Lolita and Goth. Another fun theme on her channel is her interest in the KBeauty industry. She frequently tries various Korean makeup brands and clothing to show she, as a black woman, would look. My favorite series of hers is her ‘Black Girl tries …”, where she tries different makeup trends such as the “VSCO Girl” look. I also love hearing her opinion on the new growing makeup brands and collaborations that are in the market. It’s interesting and insightful  to hear her take on the community and raise awareness for more diversity in makeup. When she’s not doing makeup, you can find her doing commentary on K-pop groups and other Korean media. In addition to her commentary, I love her hilarious and lighthearted tone in her videos.

Alissa Ashley 

When I was first learning to do my makeup, Alissa’s channel was one of the first I came across. Alissa definitely provides some of the best vlogs and lifestyle videos. She primarily does makeup reviews of new brands and releases such as Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty and Rihanna’s Fenty Skin. Her hair and makeup routine videos are aesthetically pleasing and informative as she provides her honest take on products. My favorite videos of hers are the comedic ones such as “Spinning a Wheel to Decide My Makeup”. When she’s not filming makeup videos, you can watch her entertaining vlogs with her twin sister Arnell, also a creator, as they try to navigate life in Los Angeles. I would definitely recommend watching her channel if you’re trying to learn more about makeup as she gives great product information to new users. 

Stove Top Kisses

I have a huge love for cooking channels on Youtube. A few months ago, I came across Danni and her channel - Stove Top Kisses. Outside of providing amazing recipes, she uses her southern belle charm and hilarious commentary to provide great entertainment. Her videos will have you laughing and ready to recreate her recipes. This summer, I followed her recipe for brown butter cookies and they were amazing! She keeps her videos informative and shares great tips for all cooks. I love that her videos include ingredients that are easy to locate and inexpensive to appeal to a wide variety of people. She also released a cookbook which includes her recipes and more. Recently, Danni moved to Los Angeles so we can expect even greater content from her! I have learned valuable cooking tips from her channel and can’t wait to cook even more of her amazing recipes. Check her out for some amazing southern recipes and entertainment.

Madison Davis is a second-year, Biology/Pre-Med major, Communications minor from Memphis, TN. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with her dogs, Pyper and Jamocha! She's honored to share her experiences through her writing with the HerCampus community. Feel free to visit her Instagram page @maddyecamille!
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