Be Careful With Kamala

Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris has been under attack for a recent Breakfast Club interview. She spent the first 40 minutes of the interview speaking on prison reform, reforming the criminal justice system, people attacking her blackness, and how she will combat President Trump in the 2020 election, but is being heavily scrutinized for less than twenty seconds of the interview when she spoke about her favorite music.


It’s unfortunate to see a woman who can be considered a role-model for so many young black women aspiring to take politics by storm, be scrutinized about a statement. The worst part about the statement is that she is being attacked for what she never said. When asked by DJ Envy what music she listens to, Charlamagne (being Charlamagne) slid in a question about what she smoked when she was high. He followed up that question with a question by asking if it was Snoop Dogg, to which Ms. Harris, never making eye contact with Charlamagne, responded to DJ Envy’s question and said “Definitely, Snoop and Tupac”.


I hate to bring up the race card, but….


People are taking the time that they should be devoting to researching the presidential candidates to ensure that Trump does not mosey his way back into the White House to scrambled-eggs-scramble Kamala’s words into an abyss. The claims at hand are causing her intelligence and schooling to be under attack. In fact, Ms. Harris never said she smoked in college. She never confirmed that she smoked, at all. She laughed, and responded with an answer to the questions given. She handled a question given by Charlamagne, who is known for his blunt end questions, with tact and did not embarrass herself or her campaign. Try again.



Since announcing her campaign, she has been pursued on the chopping block full force.Not because of misogynistic ideals, or blatant racism and disrespect of women (*cough cough* y'all's president), but because of her constant stand with the African American community and her, sometimes corny approach to connection with the community. Her honesty is not a wavering aspect of her personality, although it happens to be a facet to many of our past presidents and prospective presidential candidates. She is who she is, unapologetically. We stan the ability to be unapologetic. Be careful with Kamala!