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The Art of Surrounding Yourself With Good People

Freshman year is slowly coming to a close and it has truly been a rollercoaster. Meeting deadlines, studying, clubs, school events, etc were all stressful from time to time; however, the people I surrounded myself with this school year made all those things less stressful. Whether I was stressed or feeling down, the people I surrounded myself with eased those feelings whether it was making me laugh or simply making a tik tok in my spare time. It’s important to befriend people who will uplift you.

For starters, look for people who are as goal-oriented and motivated as you are. Chances are you all will be able to come together to help each other. Finding people who can help you visualize what the future looks like is a must. These are the type of people that you want to continue being with in the future. It is a given that your friends influence your behavior, so why not choose friends who will leave a positive impact? 

When choosing friends, ask yourself whether these people will uplift you or bring you down. Freshman year is about building a foundation for yourself. A strong foundation involves having people who will uplift you and be there for you. During my freshman year, the people I surrounded myself not only uplifted my spirits but also emotionally. I learned to deal with other people’s feelings because everyone goes through things from time to time. Friends who can comfort you and consider your feelings will be an important part of your foundation. 

The reason why freshman year will forever be memorable for me is because I met the people who have seen me at my highs and lows. These are the people that make me laugh the hardest, love the loudest, and smile the widest. I can finally understand why people say college is where you will find your “forever people”. If you feel that the people around you are not right for you, that’s okay; there is nothing wrong with restarting your search. The most important part of picking your friends is knowing yourself. Know what you want in others and what others want in you because a friendship is a balanced relationship. Cherish them. 

Kamiel Beckley

Hampton U '23

Kamiel Beckley is a biochemistry major and leadership studies minor from Louisville, Kentucky. She attends the illustrious Hampton University. Kamiel enjoys traveling and creating. She has hopes of entering the medical field while also maintaining her love for writing and art.
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