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25 year-old, Bronx born rapper, Cardi B, announced with a video on her Instagram account that she and husband of 15 months, Migos rapper, Offset, are “not together” anymore. She stated in the short Instagram video earlier this week that she and Offset had been trying to work things out for a “hot minute” now. Fans are pretty shocked about this split considering how close and in love the couple seemed. However, Cardi insists that there is no bad blood between her and Offset and that they are great business partners and great friends that just fell out of love. This causes people to speculate that Cardi grew tired of Offset’s infidelity. Offset has been in hot water for months now due to rumors of him sleeping around before, during, and even after Cardi’s pregnancy. When Cardi B said, “be careful with me,” she obviously wasn’t playing.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, rapper Cuban Doll’s friend, Summer Bunni’s text messages between her and Offset were exposed. Summer showed remorse when she publicly apologized to Cardi for hooking up with Offset. Even though she said the two of them haven’t hooked up since the birth of Kulture. Could this have been the reasoning behind why Cardi called it quits? Or is this just Summer Bunni clout chasing? Girl, sounds like she’s thirsty for attention. Who would want to publicly come out as a homewrecker? No matter what, the once power couple will always be tied to each other because of their four-month-old daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Personally, even though it’s no secret that Offset has been out here being messy, Cardi just might give him another chance. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time the couple has split up and later reconciled. Cardi has also since deleted her video announcing the couples split. Despite what people say, if they do decide to break up, fans will still be here; especially for some great post break up, women empowerment music. Until then, get your popcorn ready and keep watching both Cardi and Offset’s profiles and/or check the Shaderoom to see what happens next.


Avari Fauconier a graduating senior, criminal justice major from Staten Island, New York. She enjoys drawing and writing in her spare time. Avari is also hoping to have a career as an FBI agent. She is a strong believer in self love and not letting fear or insecurities keeping you from trying new things.
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