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As we all may know, Apple just released their iOS 12.1 update on Tuesday, October 30 which includes a whole new set of features including 70+ new emojis and group facetime! We’ve asked for it and now it’s finally here!

    With group FaceTime, you are now able to FaceTime up to 32 people at one time. Did I mention that there are now filters and stickers available to use during facetime? These features coincide with the filters and stickers available on Snapchat and Instagram, making these features something very familiar to most. Most features are synonymous with facetime, with ringless notifications and automatic detection of active speakers which brings the most prominent speaker to the forefront of the call. The size of each caller is dependent on how much they are speaking in the conversation. This makes calls up to speed on what’s going on and makes it easier to communicate with the people on the call. In addition to those features, there is a new dual depth control option in the camera. This feature allows iPhone users to make their background a beautiful blur along with portrait mode. The infamous blur is now available to our disposable even more to give our pictures that extra “It” factor we strive for!

    So far, I have enjoyed this update. I like to see Apple coming up with new ways to keep their customers happy and interested in their products. My favorite part about the update is the variety of new emojis because I enjoy having new options to express myself through texts. I am interested in knowing how everyone else feels about this upgrade with Apple!


Cashara Quinn

Hampton U '21

Cashara is a graduating senior Journalism major, Spanish minor from Chesapeake, Virginia. She will be a news producer at WFTX Fox 4 upon graduation. Her hobbies include playing the violin, dancing, and fashion. As Cashara continues to build her resume, she hopes to inspire young girls to work hard to achieve their goals and believes that anything is possible through Christ.
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