An Applause to Google's Black History Month Commericial

“There are moments in American history that captivate us all," and nine times out of ten, we remember them by searching Google for the recap. On January  25, 2020, Google started early for black history month and released a commercial that basically states the following: black people BEEN the trending topic.

In one minute and 30 seconds, Google just said your whole world would be nothing without black people. Simply by showing the most searched topics of the year. 

The most searched performance? Beyoncé Homecoming at Coachella.

The most searched guitar solo? Prince did that.

The most searched Egot winner? John Legend.

The most searched female poet? Maya Angelou. 

The most searched dunk? Michael Jordan.

The most searched tennis player? Serena Williams. 

The most searched ballerina? Misty Copeland.

The most searched gymnast? Gabby Douglas.

The most searched athlete? Lebron James.

The most searched homecoming? Howard (the fake HU oop)

The most searched Pulitzer Winner? Kendrick Lamar. 

The most searched tap dancer? Gregory Hines.

The most searched remix? Old Town Road Lil Nas X.

The most searched drag queen? Rupal.

The most searched talk show host? Oprah.

The most searched WW2 airmen? Tuskegee Airmen.

The most searched NASA mathematician? Katherine Johnson.

The most searched autobiography? Malcolm X.

The most searched star-spangled banner? Whitney Houston.

The most searched movement? Civil Rights Movement.

The most searched speech? I Have A Dream by MLK.

The most searched abolitionist? Fredrick Douglas.

The most searched sit in? The Greensboro Four.

“To the history makers and those they inspire; Search on,” Google states. Every single person named in that commercial was black! This may seem minor to some, but to many, this commercial showed what our community has yearned for years; representation. In the past, generations went through hell just so WE could have representation and Google made sure that the message was delivered. Young black children need to see the world as we know it. The world wouldn’t have made these incredible milestones without black people doing our part.

How is the generation ahead of us going to aspire to higher standards if there is no example to follow? By Google showcasing the talents of black innovators, it allows younger generations to get motivated and courageous about what they can accomplish. 

To be honest we need more black history commercials like this. Commercials and ads that help black folks realize the power and effect they have on this earth. This black history month remembers those who set searchable trends and embody them.