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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

From conducting interviews on Raw-TV to turning heads in the Stu because her outfit is just THAT good, Ahmere Harper is this week’s Her Campus at Hampton University Fab Freshman!

Ahmere Harper is a freshman journalism major hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. She chose Hampton University because it was an HBCU that was known for their journalism program. 

“It felt like home”, said Harper as she reflected on her High School Day experience at the historically black university. 

Since Hampton University is known for their students going to class in fits 24/7. Harper says she was surprised to learn that everyone was not dressing up for class every day. As Harper remembers, on any given day you can spot students in sweats. 

“I’m putting it on but where is everybody else?,” said Harper.

From styles icons ranging from Rihanna to Ahmani Harper, her older sister, this Fab Freshman would not categorize her specific style, she would not put her style in a “box”. 

“My style is unique and catered to me,” said Harper.

Harper has always been fascinated with fashion; she remembers her mother and her sister pouring a love for fashion into her from a very young age.

During the interview, I asked Harper how she puts on a fit every day. “Miss Put it on” said she tries to pick a piece in her closet and center around that particular piece. She went on to explain how her Notes app is filled with outfits down to the hairstyles…could she get any cooler?

My last question for the college freshman was about her portfolio ‘The Aesthetic Filez’. Harper said she started it as a portfolio for her major, but also uses it as an outlet to discuss pop culture topics such as Rihanna’s pregnancy and the sneaker collaboration between Tiffany & Co. and Nike.

With just a little more than a month left of her freshman year, Ahmere Harper has already made a name for herself. I am super excited to see what Harper’s future has in store, plus of course the fits she has in store. 

Make sure you are following this week’s Her Campus at Hampton University Fab Freshman, Ahmere Harper, on her personal Instagram @ahmerelynae and her portfolio @theaesthetic.filez

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