Affordable Lipstick Companies you Should Know About

Have you ever looked in your makeup bag and been so disappointed with the four measly mac lipsticks you have lying around? Mac Cosmetics is your favorite brand, but their lipsticks are just so costly, you can only purchase one during  each trip to the mall. But with fall finally settling in, its time to step your lip game up and this guide to cheap and affordable lipsticks is here to help.

Lipsticks that create long lasting wear and have deep pigmentation are hard to come by, especially for a cheap price. But one company people may not know about is Colour Pop. Colour Pop is a cosmetics company that specializes in lipsticks, lip-glosses and lip liners all for just the price of 6 dollars. If you didn’t know before, it’s not too late to get into the trend! Color Pop just recently released an Ultra Matte Line with perfect colors for your fall fit.


If you’re looking for a dark, fall lip that’ll set off literally any outfit, "Guess" is the color for you. This dark lip is a deep plum purple color with a hint of black tones. The Lipstick is painted on in a liquid consistency, but dries matte and is everlasting through out the day. And it’s affordable for the price of only $6.00. This is definitely a MUST for fall.


 Everyone knows a Nude lip is ALWAYS a go to. "Kapow" is a creamy brown nude, compatible with every skin tone. Its soft pink tones give the lipstick a professional fine finish and add to the matte feature. 

Although Ultra Matte lip is the newest lip collection released from Colour Pop, there are many other lip sticks and lip liners available on the website. Another website to check out is Im bossy is a lipstick line founded by Love and Hip Hop’s very own Rasheeda. She showcases many lipsticks in animated colors such as blue, gray and neon purples and yellows.


"Cloudy" is a new matte dark grey lipstick perfect for any fall day. The lip goes on smoothly and is sure to leave an all day finish. This color goes great with cool tones and is perfect for brown skin tones.


If you’re looking for a girly but edgy look, "Dynamic" is definitely the color you need. It may be a little bold and bright for fall, but the matte finish is what gives this lipstick its personality. Who ever said you could go wrong with purple?

With this Lipstick Survival guide you will never have to stress about the absence of bomb lipsticks again. Colour Pop and Im bossy are both affordable and worth the chase. Fall is finally settling in and so is your newly growing lip collection!