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How many times have women been told that they can't participate in an activity or receive a job because of their gender? I'm sure you know that the answer is way too often. However, because we are women, we naturally embody strength, intelligence, ambition, and hard work. We are powerful within ourselves and could work together to change the world. So, for anyone out there who thinks that a woman isn't capable of everything, actually, she can.

Her Campus at Hampton U had the pleasure of receiving the #ActuallySheCan tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto. #ActuallySheCan is an inspiring empowerment campaign by Allergan, a leader in women’s healthcare. The limited edition tanks were created in partnership with the retailer, Le Motto. The retailer company offers a way to express yourself fashionably, with positivity, through handwritten graphics that express good words and kind thoughts. They are made of a soft, breathable cotton blend and are the perfect choice for activewear! Coming in three different colorways, each tank features a different empowering slogan:

•Less Drama More Karma (dark grey) •Less Regret More Sweat (heather grey) •Less Hesitation, More Meditation (white)


If you want to showcase your support for the empowerment of women, you can get your tank too!

Visit their website today and let everyone know that #ActuallySheCan!

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