7 Things Black Girls Get Tired of Hearing

1. “You’re pretty for a black girl”

Anything even ending in “for a black girl”, is simply disrespectful. These types of comments are wrong on so many levels, the first being the inherent assumption that black women aren’t usually smart, pretty, or nice. The message here is simple, the way to compliment a black girl or anyone for that matter is not to devalue the rest of their people.  

2. “Can I touch your hair?”

Why do people always want to touch my hair? Personally, I don’t want anyone touching my hair simply because it’s weird and it’s an invasion of my personal space. But then people make it worse when they touch my hair and make comments such as “it’s so soft”. What did you think it was going to feel like?

3. “You act like a white girl”

I’m confused, what exactly does a white girl act like? What is a black girl “supposed” to act like? How does one even act a color? This statement is beyond ignorant.  Most of the time this question is posed to suggest that a black girl is polite, intelligent, well-spoken and conservative. The fact that those traits are automatically associated with white people and is an apparent surprise to see in a black woman is only proof of the damage caused by years of negative and stereotypical portrayals of black woman.

4. “Is that your real hair?”

There is no reason that you should assume that it isn’t. You shouldn’t even ask me this question, it’s none of your business anyways. Not every black woman is walking around with a weave, and the ones who are do not want to have a conversation with you about it not being their natural hair. Also, if I paid for it, it’s mine.

5. “Are you mixed?”

Why do I have to be mixed with something? I can’t JUST be black? Black women come in all different shades.

6. “Can you twerk?”

No. I can’t, don’t ask me again. Yes most black girls have some sense of rhythm, but it is in our blood. It’s no fun being asked all the time if I can twerk or even if I can teach you twerk. Look up a YouTube video or something.

7. “Why do black girls always have an attitude?”

Almost everyone has heard of the stereotype that black women are always angry, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Black women aren’t always angry. But, even if we were, we have a right to be, any of the previous seven points are an indication of why she has an attitude. We are continually berated with hurtful and offensive questions and stereotypes. Like any other woman, black women have a variety of human emotions and expressions that should be respected, not stigmatized by sexism and racism.