7 Night Bag Essentials

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Nothing’s worse than spending the night out somewhere and not being prepared. Whether it’s a sleepover with your girls or a night in with your boo, make sure your bag is filled with these essentials.


Morning breath is disgusting so you need to carry your toothbrush with you, but don’t just throw it in your purse without protection. Make sure you have a Steripod toothbrush protector on hand, this will protect your toothbrush from any airborne contaminants because it releases active vapors such as thymol.


Don’t compromise the healthy skin that you’ve been drinking gallons of water to get. Make sure you have face wipes to take off any makeup or dirt that accumulated in your pores through the night. By doing this you’ll ensure you won’t wake up to any unwanted breakouts.


Your phone is bound to die so make sure you have a charger in your night-bag. A portable charger is best especially if you might not have access to an outlet.


This essential serves many different purposes. You always want to have a little bit of extra cash on you because you never know what you might get into, especially if you end up going on a late-night Cook Out run.


In the morning you’re going to need a change of clothes, especially if you went out to a party that night. The easiest quick-change outfit is a sweat suit. When morning comes you can just put on the outfit and throw on some slides because you don’t want to be doing the walk of shame in the outfit you had in the night before.


Always make sure you have your Student ID and keys on you, nothing's worse then returning to your place and realizing you're locked out.


This is the most important essential! Always make sure you have a bonnet or durag in your night-bag. Don’t risk messing up your hair for a night out. Sleeping without silk protection for your hair can cause damage and will dry it out.

There you have it! Throw these essentials in your bag before you head out and you’ll be good to go!