5 Women You Need to Follow on Instagram

Want to spice up your timeline? Add a little #BlackGirlMagic by following these cuties. 

1)Chantelle Brown Young aka Winnie Harlow @winnieharlow

This former Top Model contestant made headlines for both her fierce poses and unique skin tone. Harlow has vitiligo, lighter patches of skin all over her body. Although she was bullied about it as a kid, now she’s using it to book go sees and fashion covers. Harlow was the brand representative for Desigual, walked in London fashion week, and has been featured in Complex, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue Italia. Whether snapping a fierce selfie or working the runway, Harlow is sure to warm you hearts.

2)Monica @monicastylemuse

Monica is a youtuber famous for her flawless make up routines and her upbeat attitude. Her face is always beat, and she often posts links to her videos so you can get the same look. She also puts together trendy look books and models them on her Instagram page. Another thing that makes Monica unique? She always shows pride in her Afro-Latina heritage. Whether throwing in Spanish words in her videos or posting about her #Latina agenda, she’s uses social media as a platform to teach others about her culture.

3)Amandla Stenburg @amandlastenburg

This Hunger Games star made headlines for after speaking against Kylie Jenner’s cultural appropriation. Along with her inspirational comments, she also posts other enlighting information on her social media.  One post even asked dared to ask “do female black lives matter too?” Aside from being an activist, Sternberg also is very artsy. This natural haired queen post pictures of art, music, and tumblr style selfies. Whether it’s prom photos with Jaden Smith or her gracing the cover of Dazed, Amandla’s will always keep your timeline on its toes.

4)Gabi Fresh @gabifresh

Gabi Fresh is a plus sized style blogger, who although claims isn’t a model, is absolutely fabulous. Each photo showcases her gorgeous curves and stylish outfits. She’s rocked purple, silver, blond, straight, and curl hair effortlessly. Her closet is to die for. However what makes Gabi Fresh so amazing how she stands up for body positivity and self-love.

5)Tracee Ellis Ross @Traceeellisross

This list would not be complete without America’s favorite girlfriend.. Confident, quirky, comical, Tracee Ellis Ross has been in our hearts for years. Whether it’s an Instagram selfie of her lipstick stained teeth or a video of her rapping as her alter ego T Murda, she’s never afraid to laugh at herself. That’s the best part about the Blakish star; she always promotes self-love. She’s famous for her big beautiful natural hair, but she doesn’t want you to envy her tresses. “I only love that you love my hair, if it’s an inspiration that you love your hair.”

6)Whitney White @naptural85

Whitney also known as Naptural85, is famous for her natural hair videos on youtube. Whitney encourages girls of all textures to embrace their natural hair by teaching them tips and tricks about their hair. Beautiful, sweet, and upbeat, Whitney is a joy to watch. She also posts pictures of her beautiful interracial family from her lifestyle blogs. You’re bound to fall in love with her cute little curly haired daughter Olivia. Follow her adventures with her family, natural hair, make up routines, experiments and many more.