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5 Ways to Get Your Energy Up For Class (Without Getting It From a Can)

1. Sleep with an eye mask. 

Using an eye mask can help ensure that you maximize your rest time.The mask blocks the sunlight from getting into your eyes, and provides comfort for your eye lids. There are several different types of masks that you can try in order to ensure that you find the best one for you. The mask that I use every night is the “slip-sleep mask.”  This satin mask feels extremely soft on my eyelids, and places a little bit of pressure on my lids. It puts me right to sleep in just 5 minutes. One of the many benefits to purchasing the satin mask is that your lashes are not at risk of being damaged. See if it’s the style kind for you!

2. Drink lemon water.

Instead of getting the shakes from coffee or energy drinks, try drinking a glass of lemon water each morning. Lemons are a natural energizer that will give you a healthy boost of energy! This will also help boost your immune system, flush out unwanted toxins and even help with weight loss!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

My parents always told me that the key to having an energized day is eating a full and healthy breakfast. With that being said, I personally start my day with two slices of toast with an avocado spread, a banana, apple slices and, then, a kale smoothie to wash it down. The avocados have vitamin C, E and K. The banana and apple slices also contain vitamin C, which is good for your immune system. In addition, the banana is a simple carbohydrate which produces an automatic source of energy. Kale contains the amino acid L-tyrosine, which is a great source of energy. Kale also contains fiber and Vitamin C.

4. Take power naps. 

A successful power nap in between your classes can be one of the most helpful ways to get the most out of your day. Just slip on the satin eye mask and allow your body to rest! To ensure I don’t get a “bad nap” I use the app “sleep cycle alarm clock” which tracks my sleep pattern and allows me to slowly wake up, rather than using the harsh ringing of my phone’s alarm. Research shows that a 10-20 minute power nap helps you conquer the rest of your day!

5. Listen to upbeat music. 

Studies show that an up tempo beat coming through your ear buds can increase levels of dopamine in your brain enhancing your positive outlook and improving your energy level. So, keep the beat going as you head to your next class. For maximum benefit, sing along!













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