11 New Features of iOS 11 For Her Advantage

As we all know Apple’s newest update, iOS 11 has been released. What you don’t know is that there are some hidden features that make being a girl so much easier! These features will improve your life on campus, social media clout, and boy troubles.

1. Screen Recording

I know there are situations that come up where we need to provide proof that we (well, some of us) are not lying homewreckers. For example, let’s say you meet a cute guy in the Student Center and exchange numbers. You assume that he’s single because he flirts with you through text messages or FaceTime, but you find out he is actually in a relationship once his girlfriend confronts you about it. In order to prevent any further problems, you have to provide evidence that you weren’t in the wrong. Step 1 of mission #EXPOSEHISASS, all you need to do to add the screen recording feature to your phone is go to Control Center > Customize Controls > Slide Down to More Controls > Add Screen Recording. After you do that, you will now have the screen recording feature in your control center.

2. Screenshot Editing

If you and your homegirls are doing some lurking and you want to specify exactly what you want to be seen in the groupchat, this feature can assist you. This feature is called Instant Markup which allows you to draw, highlight, or write on the screenshot once you open it from the bottom left of your screen.

3. Person to Person Apple Pay

On a campus that has only one ATM, with compatibility with only one bank, it is very clear cash isn’t something we just keep on us. Square Cash (Cash App) is the “go to” way of paying other students at Hampton, but with this new feature, we now have the ability to pay through text message without even having to touch an external app! This also works for Apple Pay that is connected to your debit card through your wallet.

4. Live Photos

\Taking live photos can be so annoying when you notice you look bomb in one part, and you just want to save that part of the live photo to post on Instagram, but you can’t. Now you can! While looking through the live photo, you can now scan through it and choose which part of the live photo you would like to save as an additional image.

5. Wifi Sharing

As we all know, Hampton’s wifi is complete trash. Apple has made it a little easier for us to connect to wifi that actually works. With Wifi Sharing, you can now send your friends a prompt with the wifi password to the wireless internet you are connected to. All they have to do is accept the prompt, just as they would accept an Airdrop.

6. QR Scanner

If you are currently in University 101, you know the struggle of using the third-hand QR readers used for signing in for attendance. There is now a built-in QR reader within the camera, which means you can delete those QR reader apps you downloaded for class and save your storage!

7. Do Not Disturb While Driving

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. It senses when your phone is in a car. As soon as you start driving, it will automatically send a notification to anyone who is calling or texting, stating that you are currently driving. It will also silence all notifications, calls, and texts.This feature will help reduce the amount of texting while driving accidents on the road.

8. Apple Music

Now your friends can help you stumble across new songs and artists. With your profile on Apple Music, you can see playlists your friends have shared, as well as albums and stations they listen to often. So if you weren’t sure of the name of the song your friend would not stop singing, this new feature will help you figure it out.

9. Maps

Maps new feature is definitely a necessity for when you’re driving around trying to find a party Friday night or going to pick up your friends at their house. How? you may ask. It now helps you avoid missing a turn or an exit by showing you which lane you should be in when you’re driving. In addition to lane guidance, you can also see the speed limit of the road you’re on; so there is no excuse for getting speeding tickets.

10. Siri

Siri is now updated to automatically play music you like when asked based off of your Apple Music playlists and most played songs. Siri also translates languages, which can really help for your foreign language courses on campus. Lastly, if you tell your friend you’re on the way, Siri can estimate the time it will take you to get there and send it to them. So when we say we’re on our way, but we’re actually still getting dressed, they’ll know!

11. SOS

With all of these new features, the most important one is SOS Emergency. It works wonderfully if you’re in a situation where you need to contact the police because of the threat of rape, or other forms of sexual assault. All you have to do is press the lock button five times in a row and the SOS emergency choice will appear. You slide it and it will automatically connect you to the police. In addition to that, the update allows you to assign emergency contacts who'll be notified when you have called the emergency services. Go to iPhone Settings > Emergency SOS > Auto Call > Add Emergency Contact to enable this feature.  

Although there are more new features such as Files, Drag and Drop, Scan and Sign, QuickType, new App Store, and a new Lock Screen, these are just features I think will make your lives a little easier on campus. It really seems like Apple is trying to make features to ensure safety and convenience. Don’t just update your phone and not use these great features to your advantage!