Welcome to Minnesota

I betcha heard so many stereotypical Minnesotans. I am here to tell you I am walking proof that it is a thing. I love Minnesota and am a “basic Minnesotan.”

I have that Minnesotan accent with all the ‘ya you betchas’ and ‘dontcha knows’. I can tell you personally that the “Minnesota Nice” is the polite way of saying we are all very passive aggressive. Beside being “Minnesota Nice”, we are really good at long goodbyes. I swear I could say bye five times and still be talking an hour later. I call my drinks pop, and my neighbors that are diagonally across are actually kiddy-corner from me. Minnesota hot dish is so much better than those casseroles. Starbucks has nothing over Caribou Coffee. Raised in Minnesota, I am a Vikings fan by default. Yeah, they might suck 90% of the time, but they will forever be better than those cheeseheads, the Green Bay Packers.  


Growing up in Minnesota means you know the seasons as road construction and winter. If the weather is nice, I can guarantee there is going to be road work. If there is no road construction then you know it is winter. As a true Minnesotan, I love winter and everything about it. A thing I  always looked forward to during winter was school being canceled due to a snow storm and being able to spend all day playing in the snow.



You know you are Minnesota when you hear Minneapolis and St. Paul called “Minne” and “Paul brothers”, or “twin cities”. Being a Minnesotan also means you know what “up north” means. No, up north is not a direction. It could be anywhere that is where your cabin is. The cabin is where I go for my summer vacation to go on the lake and get that summer tan. Minnesota being the state of 10,000 lakes, “up north” can be a pretty broad area. By the way those 10,000 lakes are more like ponds but exaggerated.


Basically me being a Minnesotan I fully embrace it. I love Minnesota, everything and anything about it, and I will let you know it.