Visiting an Apple Orchard

Pictured in thumbnail: Julien Halabi, freshman, and Alanna Towle, freshman. 

The week before Midterms, my friends and I did what most people do right before stressful tests: studied a ton and eventually got so worried about our impending doom that we had to take a mental break. My friend’s family was going apple picking and asked their roommate and I if we wanted to come with them. Of course, with me being one for all fall themed activities, I jumped at the chance to go to what is considered to be the quintessential autumn activity—apple picking! 

Julien Halabi, freshman, sitting by the koi pond. Photo taken by Evelyn Harrison.

On the day of the event, we all got into their dad’s car and drove our way down to Northfield. Once we got there, we discovered that we actually couldn’t pick the apples. We were disappointed, but ultimately realized that it was okay since it was still an adventure. We went to the little store they had and bought a bunch of fall treats. We got apple cider doughnuts and caramel apples, among other things. As soon as we got outside, we got to see how beautiful the property was. There was a little pond with koi, and games such as cornhole and golf toss. We ate and played games but then decided it would be fun to do a photoshoot. We spent a good half an hour taking pictures of each other in different spots of the orchard. 

After we got home I realized how great it was to take a break from school and the city. Although I love it here at Hamline, it can get really busy quickly and I almost never leave campus or the general Saint Paul area. Being in a place where we could just explore nature and appreciate the fall colors was very reflective and peaceful, especially during the hustle and bustle of midterms. If you can manage to get outside, even somewhere close to campus, I would highly recommend doing so. Whether it is going to an orchard or a haunted house, or simply taking a walk in a park, doing something outside before winter begins will improve your mental health and be a fun activity with friends or by yourself. Have a wonderful rest of your fall!