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Top Five Fall Outfit Essentials

Fall is arguably the best season of Minnesota. The trees have gorgeous fall colors, the food tastes great, and it’s not as humid anymore. However, temperatures are starting to drop in the midwest. This makes it more difficult to dress in your fall aesthetic without pulling out the giant winter coat and snow boots from the closet. Here are my top five wardrobe essentials to stay classy but cozy.

Light jacket:

You’re going to want a jacket that’s warm enough for down to 40 degree weather but cool enough for 60s. Think of it as a replacement for a sweatshirt if you want to dress up your outfit a bit. I always used to pop a sweatshirt over whatever I was wearing, but since getting my fall jacket I’ve worn it more than anything else.

Booties or boots:

These are a huge fashion trend right now. Anything from tall lace up boots to short, heeled booties works. Because of how popular they are, you can find them at most stores as well as second-hand shops as well. Look for neutral colors like brown, tan or black, as they go with almost anything.

Cardigans and shawls:

Warm and fuzzy cardigans or shawls can serve as great backups for a jacket if it’s warm enough. I have a bunch in different cardigans in a variety of colors and materials so that I can wear them with anything. They’re a very versatile clothing item that should be a staple in your closet.

Oversized sweaters:

These are one of the comfiest things that you can own. You can dress them up or down by switching out leggings for jeans or converse for boots. They’re nice enough to wear out but cozy enough to nap in.


Scarves can be casual or fancy, and that’s what’s so great about them. Thicker, wool scarves are good for colder weather, and lighter scarves can be added to most outfits without adding too much weight or warmth.

As with most clothing, always check out local consignment or second-hand stores for the cheapest prices. Otherwise, all of these items are on trend right now and can easily be found at most clothing stores.

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